10 Best Dinosaur TV Shows

Jurassic World: Dominion will soon be giving viewers another movie to satisfy their big-screen dinosaur needs, but several TV shows also feature these prehistoric animals. Few creatures have captured the imagination of popular culture like dinosaurs. Crossing the country in all their terrifying majesty, they’ve made a number of appearances in movies, TV shows, and comics of all kinds.

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From documentaries to blockbusters, audiences just can’t seem to get enough of these giant creatures from a bygone era. So, it’s worth taking a look at the various series featuring dinosaurs to see which of them deserve to be considered the best (and therefore worth watching again and again).

Walking with the Dinosaurs (1999) – Streaming on HBO Max

Dinosaurs crossing a frozen lake in Walking With Dinosaurs

Walk with the dinosaurs is widely regarded as one of the best docu-series, and it’s easy to see why. Spanning several episodes, it explores different periods in the evolution of life, focusing in particular on various species of dinosaurs during the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

In addition to tracking some of the most well-known dinosaur species, it also gives viewers insight into other types not usually seen. Its special effects always retain their impression power.

Dinosaurs (1991-1994) – Streaming On Disney+

Dinosaurs has one of the weirdest premises for a sitcom, but that’s precisely what makes it so charming. Following a family of dinosaurs as they deal with everyday life is very much in the mold of a traditional family sitcom, with the characters struggling with family and work issues.

Despite its relatively light-hearted tone, however, it has one of television’s darkest endings, with all the dinosaurs awaiting their inevitable extinction due to their careless treatment of the environment.

Terra Nova (2011) – Streaming on Prime Video

Dinosaur in Terra Nova

Although it only lasted one season, the series Terra Nova nevertheless managed to explore fascinating conceptual territory before its cancellation. Set in a not-too-distant future in which Earth is about to become unlivable, people begin to flee to the Cretaceous past using a time portal.

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Although much of the action in the series focuses on humans and their conflicts, the series also featured some great CGI work, and the dinosaurs managed to look quite realistic, especially since the series was on the air. on network television.

Primeval (2007-2011) – Streaming on Hulu

Gustave the crocodile in Primeval

Like with Terra Novathe central premise of Primitive is time travel, and it deserves to be considered one of the best time travel TV series. In this case, it centers on a group of characters as they confront a variety of portals that allow various creatures from Earth’s past and future to terrorize the present.

Unsurprisingly, much of the series focuses on the various characters and their intense engagement with each other, but it also stands out for its particularly sophisticated special effects for television.

Primal (2019-present) – Streaming on HBO Max

A title image for Primal

Adult Swim is responsible for many great animated series, and one of their best is Primitive. Although not scientifically accurate – it features co-existing animals and dinosaurs – with its unique blend of powerful action, vibrant animation and brutality, it immerses the viewer in a deadly world where the survival of the fittest is the only law.

However, there’s no doubt that the series’ most powerful appeal is the strange but enduring bond that emerges between its main human character and its companion Tyrannosaurus.

Dinosaur Planet (2011) – Streaming on Amazon Prime

A group of dinosaurs together in Planet Dinosaur

Part of the power of documentaries is that they can both educate the viewer and immerse them in a strange and fascinating world. This is certainly the case with Dinosaur Planet, which in some ways is an update to the old Walking with Dinosaurs. Like its predecessor, each episode focuses on a particular period of the prehistoric world, showcasing the different types of creatures that roamed the Earth at the time.

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Moreover, just like its predecessor, it also manages to engage the viewer, thanks in large part to the sophistication of its visual effects. Although not at the level of modern blockbusters, the dinosaurs look better than many other television series.

Prehistoric Park (2006) – Currently not available for streaming

Unlike many other series that include dinosaurs, Prehistoric Park takes a lighter approach to his subject. In this case, it focuses on the titular park, where a group of humans gather creatures from different periods of prehistory.

In this sense, it has much in common with jurassic park (one of the best sci-fi movies of all time), but without the devastating consequences for humans. Plus, as a bonus, it also tries to educate the viewer about the creatures on display.

The Flintstones (1960-1966) – Streaming on HBO Max

The Flintstones is widely regarded as one of the best anime series of all time. In many ways, it set the tone for many of its successors, with its conventional sitcom premise translated into a cartoon world. To like Primitiveit features dinosaurs and humans co-existing, but it has a much lighter approach to its material.

Many of his creatures, including the dog Dino, have since become staples of the pop culture imagination. The same goes for many human characters in the series, including Fred Flintstone himself.

Dinotopia (2002) – Streaming on Crackle

A scene from the television adaptation of Dinotopia

The idea that humans and dinosaurs could co-exist is one that seems to have a particular hold on pop culture, and it comes up time and time again. However, perhaps the series that best captured the utopian possibilities of such cohabitation is dinotopiathe miniseries based on the wildly popular book series of the same name.

Most of the action revolves around two boys who get stranded in Dinotopia. Although it only comprised three episodes, it would inspire a follow-up series, which would continue the action but not feature the same cast as the miniseries.

Jurassic Fight Club (2008) – Streaming on Amazon Prime

A face to face on Jurassic Fight Club

The sight of dinosaurs fighting against each other in scenes of brutal struggle for survival is one that has been key to the appeal of these creatures. So it’s no surprise that there’s an entire series devoted to exactly that. As indicated by his name, jurassic fight club focuses on various interactions between dinosaurs, especially between predator and prey.

With its mix of CGI and documentary interviews, it manages to provide viewers with a more nuanced understanding of the lives of various dinosaur species, and it also sheds light on what their interactions might have looked like.

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