10 signs Sonic The Hedgehog is running out of steam


After 5 years, the Sonic The series is back with a brand new title. sound borders has been heavily promoted as the game that offers players a vast playground to explore. However, just like its millennial colleagues, the blue blur isn’t as vivid as it used to be. There was a time when players held the Sonic franchise in the same way as that of Nintendo mario series.

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Although Borders was well received by fans, critical reception was considerably more polarizing. Scores went from one out of five stars for Digital Trends to nine out of ten stars for Shacknews. Sonic remains a recognizable icon, but lingering issues continue to hold the series back.

10/10 Most beloved 3D entries are over a decade old

Sonic Colors Amazing interstellar amusement park of Eggman Sonic crossing Tropical Resort

Sonic colors and Generations are often credited with revitalize a struggling brand. Instead of donning an intrusive gadget such as the werepig or the sword, they focused on fast running. Both games fixed many lingering issues that held back previous 3D entries, such as controls and physics.

Colors and Generations sported some of the sharpest handwriting in the Sonic series had seen with Eggman’s dark and humorous sound announcements and a few cheeky nods to previous games. However, Sonic Team has relied on the goodwill of these games for over a decade. Same Borders‘ console reviews haven’t reached the heights of these titles.

An image of Sonic smiling and Doctor Eggman chasing him in Sonic 2 promo art

Whereas Sonic games have mostly been a mixed bag over the past few years, the character has fared much better in other forms of media such as TV, comics, and movies. Whereas Sonic Boom the Rise of Lyric was a poorly executed and buggy mess, critics praised the cartoon adaptation for its humor and jokes.

Although the dissolution of Archie and Sega’s partnership was dismal, IDW publishing carried the mantle into the comic book world. Finally, both theatrical Sonic the films were box office hits that managed to achieve marginal critical success.

8/10 Frontiers’ Similarities To Breath Of The Wild Do It A Disservice

Sonic stands on a ledge and gazes at the horizon in Sonic Frontiers

Nicknamed “Pig’s Breath” by critics such as Void Burger, Sonic forces certainly invited comparisons to Nintendo’s open-world triumph. However, anyone entering Borders expecting the same level of freedom and experimentation will be massively disappointed once they run into an invisible wall or are told they aren’t ready for a certain mission yet.

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Borders defenders might counter that the game is not trying to bebreath of the wildand aims for a more structured experience. That’s fine, but the game certainly invited those comparisons by making its world so much like Nintendo’s efforts.

7/10 Many gadgets would work better in non-sonic games

Sonic and Caliburn from Sega Sonic and the Dark Knight

It really feels like Sonic Team is continuing to put the aforementioned hedgehog into games they’d much rather make. Shadow the hedgehog The structure based on the morality grid might have worked well in a franchise that didn’t require players to run fast all the time.

The canal-filled town of Soleanna was a poor setting for the Sonic’s signature speed, but it could have made for a good location in a phantom star Title. Unique twists on Arabian fantasy or Arthurian legend could have created compelling new franchises, but instead they were wasted on two poor Sonic securities.

6/10 The most well-received entry in recent years was a throwback

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles from Sonic Mania

It is quite telling that in the space of two decades, the Sonic title to receive the most positive reviews and accolades was one that was not developed by Sonic Team. Instead, the project was a deliberate homage to the franchise’s past.

In 2018, Sonic Mania Plus became the highest-rated entry, and the Nintendo Switch version scored 90% on Metacritic. Dissenters might argue that aggregated sites shouldn’t be used as a metric to judge a game’s quality, and that’s fair. However, they provide useful insight into the general critical consensus.

5/10 Even re-releases of classic titles are fraught with problems

A screenshot of a huge bug in Sonic Colors Ultimate

Even classic entrances are unsafe and dirty with poorly executed reissues. While every Genesis entry was available on digital storefronts for less than five dollars, Sega released another compilation directed by Christian Whitehead called Sound origins.

Unfortunately, it faced rushed development and was released in a state that Whitehead was not happy with. Ultimate Sonic Colors could have been a great way for the previously Wii-exclusive classic to be introduced to a new generation, but the final version suffered from unnecessary artistic changes, graphical glitches, and poor optimization.

4/10 Franchise remains shoehorn tropes that don’t match gameplay

An image of Sonic kicking a robotic enemy in Sonic Frontiers

Although anime influences can be seen from Sonic 2, Adventure This is where the series leaned harder in that direction. One of the underlying issues with the franchise was that it fit certain tropes, whether or not they fit the gameplay or the series’ distinct identity.

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Since most shonen properties focus on action, Borders receives a clunky and intrusive combat system that puts a damper on high-speed exploration of the game. Many shonen properties take themselves seriously, leading Borders‘world to include identical grassland areas instead of the bustling, colorful casino areas and interstellar amusement parks of previous entries.

3/10 Many long-standing flaws remain unresolved

An image of a landscape glitch in Sonic Frontiers

Sonic’s transition to the third dimension hasn’t been as graceful as the portly plumber’s. Borders marks the 14th proper 3D release in Sonic’s career and yet it’s still rife with the issues that have continued to plague this series.

Even after four whole console generations, the camera struggles to keep up with the action. Bugs can kill Sonic faster than Eggman’s henchmen, and the floating physics can still cause players to miss jumps that wouldn’t be a problem in other platformers.

2/10 The series still struggles to find a cohesive tone

An image of Sonic talking to a Tails hologram in a Sonic Frontiers cutscene

There was a big deal about how Borders employed one of the writers from the tie-in comic series that fans greatly enjoyed. Despite this, the game’s narrative is a tonally incoherent mess held back by boring character interactions and empty, clichéd platitudes about the power of friendship.

In a cutscene, Sonic and Tails see an ancient structure rising from the ground, prompting the speedster to say, “So…that was one thing. “It’s shocking to see previously living characters such as the eponymous hedgehog and even Dr. Eggman being stripped of their trademark personalities.

1/10 Even the positive reviews of Frontiers come with several caveats.

A screenshot of Sonic Frontiers reviews on Gamespot

Borders marked a significant shift in the series’ formula by adopting a semi-open world structure, placing more emphasis on combat, and revamping the way the blue blur passes through. Critics generally felt the change was a positive and could lead to a more polished follow-up title. However, this feeling seems strangely reminiscent almost all 3D Sonic exam: Next time maybe.

Maybe next time they’ll finally take care of that uncooperative camera. Maybe next time they’ll scale things down and focus more on speed. Maybe next time they will finally be on par with other platform franchises like mario Where Ratchet & Clank.

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