10 Underrated Horror Movie Monsters That Deserve More Attention


Which iconic movie monster comes to mind first when it comes to the enduring genre of horror movies? Audiences might immediately recall the menacing alien Xenomorphs from the Extraterrestrial film franchise, or their combative enemy Predators (Yautja). Maybe evil slashers like Michael Myers from the Halloween movies and Freddy Kreuger fromfreddie are your Halloween picks.

There are still many more nostalgic and contemporary horror movie monsters that should be known to audiences today. From West to East, from urban legends to grotesque leviathans, the list goes on.

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Socialities in “Society” (1989)

This American body horror film from Brian Yuzna illustrates the horrors of society before the psychological thriller Joker in 2019. The Socialities look like any normal human being, but they are secretly part of a horrible cult organization for the social elite where, after years of selective breeding, they possess the ability to transform into grotesque shapes and merge into a giant mass shape. said “impeccable breeding”.

In Company (1989), a film about a Beverley Hills teenager discovering the brutal truth behind his family’s identity, the Socialities can be seen preying on their least privileged victims by physically sucking nutrients from their bodies through rituals orgy type.

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The Broodlings in ‘The Brood’ (1979)

For most parents, kids can be tough to deal with, especially mutant kids with sharp teeth and animal faces threatening to choke you to death.

canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg never fails audiences with his impressive oeuvre of body horror films. Above all The Brood (1979), a disturbing film about the harrowing nature of divorce and custody battles that led not only to the climatic scene involving an extreme display of maternal affection, but also to the massacres tolerated by the dwarf-ogre hybrids that blend quietly with other innocent children.

Art the Clown in ‘Terrify’ (2016)

This isn’t the first film detailing the killer Harlequin’s murder spree (as it would be the 2013 horror anthology film). Toussaint), Art The Clown’s soon-to-be iconic status as the most fearsome killer clown is undoubtedly cemented in the aptly titled 2016 American slasher film creepywith a sequel slated for release in October.

Dressed in a black and white clown costume with a small top hat to embellish his otherwise atrocious face, Art the Clown can be seen wandering around town during Halloween with a large trash bag where he hides his various weapons to satisfy his Sadistic Needs. The demented villain is hinted to possess supernatural abilities, which include immortality as well as his ability to strike fear into the hearts of his victims when they least expect it.

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The Trolls in ‘Trollhunter’ (2010)

Troll Hunter (2010) is a Norwegian mockumentary that follows a group of students who set out to make a documentary about a series of mysterious bear killings. Instead, they encounter an enigmatic hunter who follows the Trolls in secret.

Based on the legend of the Norse Trolls, the aggressive humanoid giants are said to be semi-intelligent. Nevertheless, they are incredibly dangerous as they possess immeasurable strength which allows them to easily kill any human. Trolls have a deadly weakness, which is exposure to sunlight causing them to explode or turn to stone, but the safest option when encountering a troll is to run and hide or cover of goo made out of ‘everything you can get from a troll’.

The monster mom in ‘Braindead’ aka ‘Dead Alive’ (1992)

Also known as Undead in North America, Brain death (1992) is a New Zealand director peter jacksonhorror comedy before his colossal success with the the Lord of the Rings franchise. The cult classic primarily focuses on a young man named Lionel who must endure his overbearing mother’s erratic behavior while pursuing her love.

After being bitten by a disease-carrying Sumatran rat-monkey hybrid, Lionel’s mother, Vera, begins to transform into a zombie and infects others, accelerating the zombification of the entire city while providing the public with countless violent and crude scenes. As Lionel and his friends try everything they can to survive, Vera’s ultimate descent into madness lies in her final form, an elephantine ogre that Sigmund Freud would be eager to study.

The Slit-Mouthed Woman in ‘Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman’ (2007)

One of the most well-known Japanese urban legends brought to the big screen, the slit-mouthed woman is often depicted as a young woman with long black hair. Partially covering her face with a mask or other objects, the woman would approach potential victims and ask them if they found her beautiful. Whether the answer is “yes” or “no”, the woman will reveal her own disfigurement where the corners of her mouth are split from ear to ear, and subsequently either kill her victims or offer them the same disfigurement as ‘she owns.

The 2007 Japanese body horror film follows a divorced teacher as she investigates a series of child abduction cases and suspects the legend of the slit-mouthed woman is the answer to missing children. .

The Crawlers in “The Descent” franchise (2005-2009)

What’s worse than being locked in a cave and suffering from claustrophobia? Being trapped in a cave with claustrophobia and hostile humanoid creatures threatening to tear you from limb to limb.

These beasts are known as Crawlers, a completely blind species but which, due to many years of living underground in near-darkness, have adapted perfectly to the cave system. Having lost all trace of humanity, the British horror movie Crawlers love to hunt down female explorers, resulting in blood-splattered face-offs that will put off any expedition enthusiast.

The Gwoemul in ‘The Host’ (2006)

Before surprising critics and audiences with the 2019 psychological drama ParasiteSouth Korean director Bong Joon-ho has released an equally captivating eco-horror film titled The host (2006), where a father is determined to retrieve his daughter from a large amphibian predator terrorizing the townspeople.

The Gwoemul, which literally translates to “The Monster”, practices the habit of devouring its human victims in one piece while dragging other victims to its sewer lair for a good supper. Possessing incredibly sharp teeth and a bizarre habit of swallowing any type of liquid, the Gwoemul is an aggressive leviathan not to be disturbed. According to Bong, the creature’s design is largely inspired by a real mutant fish found near the Han River.

Various creatures in ‘The Void’ (2016)

Canadian lovecraftian horror film The void (2016) is definitely a must watch for any body horror fan. After being trapped in a local hospital surrounded by radical cultists, a group of people consisting of policemen, nurses and strangers find themselves confronted by enigmatic and bizarre monsters.

From a gruesome tentacled beast engulfed by a huge mass of tumors to a quadrupedal creature with superhuman strength and a skull-like face that eerily reminds audiences of the newborn child of Alien: Resurrection (1997). The void (2016) also contains zombies reanimated from the dead which display monster designs that are both innovative and refreshing in 21st century cinema.

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The vampire in ‘Rigor Mortis’ (2014)

A bittersweet tribute to the famous city of Hong Kong mr vampire film series, viewers of Rigor mortis (2014) will not only see some impressive action sequences between kung fu masters and vengeful ghouls, but the film offers a surprisingly depressing neo-realistic take on a genre once awash with elements of horror and comedy. .

While the spiteful phantom twins are frightening forces to be reckoned with given their tragic history and fierce demeanor, the hopping vampire nonetheless stirs up nostalgic memories while providing audiences with a panicked appearance that scares even before the start. attacks.

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