17 reasons to watch the Beatles: the documentary Get Back


It is perhaps the most unique musical documentary ever made.

This week, The Beatles: Come Back landed on Disney +. The documentary series – which was produced by THE Peter Jackson – traces the group’s journey towards recording their latest album So be it wayyyy in January 1969.

Everyone knows The Beatles, but this documentary sheds new light on the history and dynamics of the group like never before! Here are 17 reasons why you should check it out.


This project lasted four years and a team of 14 people had to remaster all the unreleased footage before the editing could even begin!

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150 hours of audio and 60 hours of footage – that’s all Peter Jackson and his team had to work with! The famous director was the first person to go through the archived material in over 50 years, and it took a team of 14 technicians to clean everything up before the “real work” of editing could begin.


Peter Jackson himself volunteered to lead the project, and it was his WWI documentary. They will not age who helped seal the deal.

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Peter Jackson is, of course, best known for his work as a director. The Lord of the Rings trilogy – one of the most lucrative movie series of all time. However, it was his documentary film They won’t get old – which uses remastering techniques similar to those used in The Beatles: Come Back – this ultimately earned him a job offer to lead the project.

During a meeting with The Beatles’ Apple Corps Company, Jackson asked where the clips from the 1970 Michael Lindsay-Hogg documentary were located. So be it. When he realized that Apple Corps had all the footage archived in its vaults, he immediately suggested reworking them into a brand new remastered documentary. series.


Speaking of which, this new documentary series wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of filmmaker Michael Lindsay-Hogg and his 1970 documentary.

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Much has been said about the original film So be it, but I have to say it’s great to be able to see the images of Michael blossom. With the longer runtime and advanced restoration undertaken on the hardware, fans can truly appreciate the footage how amazing it is!


The way the images have been restored ~ really ~ pays off.

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No one could deny that the original footage of Michael was in desperate need of a cleanup. The original film was shot with 16mm cameras and then put on 35mm film – do you know what that equates to? Film grain on more film grain! After being carefully restored using AI as well as manual quality checks, the new footage looks genuinely modern and will put everyone watching it right now!


Not to mention the remastering of the sound for The Beatles: Come Back really is the stuff of science fiction!

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I really hope they publish the extent of audio restoration. The original sound was recorded on mono tapes, which made some conversations essentially inaudible. The technology that ended up being used to retrieve this was beyond Jackson’s wildest dreams! The audio that had been tracked in mono was separated into separate layers so that viewers could actually hear what the band was saying. If technology can do it, what can’t it do ?!


Watching The Beatles in their creative element is truly breathtaking.

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We all love to take a look behind the curtain to see how an artist is doing what they are doing. I really enjoyed watching Paul McCartney get frustrated when the band was out of sync, which caused him to start riffing on his guitar. Everyone stops to listen, and voila, the song “Get Back” is born! I felt like I was witnessing a creative breakthrough right in front of me.


And the talent on display is so inspiring, especially given the deadline they faced.

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The band had less than a month to complete the recording So be it and it was a pretty rocky road along the way! The Beatles were talented, but it was not without effort. Watching them go through weak material and turn decent songs into hits is just amazing!


Incredibly, they often forgot that they were being filmed, and much of the footage is very candid.

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As the story goes, the group wanted to create an accompanying documentary for the broadcast of a concert they were planning. However, when the broadcast was canceled, the documentary became a separate film and the cameras hardly ever stopped rolling. No moment of frustration or excitement is missed here – it’s downright wild!


It’s not just a montage of miserable breakup sequences.

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One thing that many fans assumed was that the takes of So be it would just be the band arguing all the time – after all, it was their last studio album. In fact, the Fab Four were entertained every moment they could.


Their on-screen chemistry is so overwhelming.

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There are some really special moments throughout this documentary series – like every time Ringo and Paul engage in frantic piano covers, or one of the band members starts strumming a guitar in the middle of a song. conversation ! All four of them are just fun to watch. Their personalities are so tangible, and you really feel it whenever one of them isn’t around.


The series puts to bed several infamous myths about the group.

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There’s this big scene where Paul is talking – regardless of the camera – and he says, “It’ll be funny fifty years from now if people look back and say the Beatles broke up because Yoko was sitting on a amp “. For decades, the idea that John’s second wife Yoko Ono broke up the group has persisted, so it’s great to see the group approach this rumor in a specific, inadvertent and playful way!


Peter Jackson had to convince Disney to allow name calling in the film to make it feel more “modern”.

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Disney has a very strict no-swearing rule on all of its content, but Jackson was able to convince executives that profanity was part of the group’s charm! Speaking to Radio Times magazine, he admitted that he “got Disney to agree to swear, which I think is the first time for a Disney channel … The Beatles are Scouse boys and they swear freely but not in an aggressive or sexual manner “.


Their famous impromptu rooftop concert – the last public performance of the four ensemble – is captured in all its 42-minute glory!

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It is a legendary moment in the history of the group, and all this without the general public knowing it! The Beatles, along with keyboardist Billy Preston, climbed to the top of Apple Corps headquarters and played a 42-minute set before London police asked them to turn the music down. Random passers-by and office workers got to hear the band perform nine songs including “Get Back”, some of which were even recorded live for the album – let’s talk about talent!


The long runtime is actually flawless and does justice to the source material.

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The initial plan of The Beatles: Come Back was for it to be a two-hour feature film, but delays related to the pandemic and the move to Disney + have changed the scope of the project. I’d say it was absolutely for the best – the show doesn’t feel stuffed at all, and why would it be? They had sixty hours of footage shot alone, after all!


Watching The Beatles: Come Back it’s like stepping back in time, which is quite a magical experience!

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The spirit of the swinging sixties was still in the air when So be it was released for the first time, and this remastered version is kind of a time capsule for this iconic era. It’s fascinating to ‘step back in time’ and see what life was like for The Beatles at this point in their careers.


This is probably the first time that I have referred to the idea that The Beatles can appeal to any generation.

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My dad had waited a long time for this to come out, and watching the show myself made me realize why Beatles fans have been waiting for it for so long. What Jackson designed here is beyond cutscene – I was really forgetting watching real people make real music! The Beatles: Come Back is as captivating as any fictional movie or series.


It is perhaps the most unique musical documentary ever made.

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A lot of artists have behind-the-scenes documentaries, but I don’t think they’re as singular and in-depth as this one. This series took Jackson and his team four years to edit – for perspective, each The Lord of the Rings film took four months in the editing room. Moreover, while there are few bands that compare to the Beatles, certainly none have so much material in a single recording period.

Have you seen The Beatles: Come Back Again? Let us know what you thought of it in the comments below!

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