18 Gifts for the “Rick and Morty” Fan in Your Life


The ‘Rick and Morty’ fan base has an unfortunate reputation to be toxic. But we mustn’t let the obnoxiously loud few represent them all – there are plenty of lovable “Rick and Morty” fans (including Yours Truly) who enjoy the biting, witty sci-fi comedy, and who won’t throw a tantrum when McDonald’s runs out of Szechaun sauce.

Thing is, “Rick and Morty” fans go hard, so if you know a deserving enthusiast, chances are they’ve got their fandom on their sleeve — literally. With so many brilliant references to choose from, there’s no end to the freebies available. Here are some of our favorite picks.

Pickle Rick Ugly Sweater

Ripple Junction



Some people go to extreme lengths to escape a therapy session, but there is no escape. look good in this fancy sweater. The holiday season is upon us, and your loved one can steal the show at any Ugly Sweater party in this cozy item.

Rick and Morty Spaceship Lunch Box

Rick’s Space Cruiser is an interdisciplinary vehicle that can fly through space, jump through portals, and has every type of ray gun, flamethrower, laser drill, or other sci-fi weapon a genius narcissist could to wish. “Protect the Summer”? Rather keep your lunch safely, with this adorable die-cut accessory.

Mr. Meeseeks Golf Caddy Covers

A Mr Meeseeks caddy cover is truly a stroke of (golf) genius. Existence is a pain for a Meeseeks, and they’ll do anything to ease that pain, including getting that caddy cover for your golf-loving parent who needs to work on their short game.

“I turned into a mug, Morty!” Cup

Even the world’s most misanthropic mad genius scientist sometimes needs coffee (or probably something tougher) to get the creative juices flowing. Crafted from extra-strong ceramic and available in 11-ounce or 15-ounce sizes, this coffee mug makes a great practical gift for the fan in your life.

Portal Gun Keychain

If you’re looking for something affordable that won’t take up too much space, you don’t need to search endless sizes for the perfect gift – this keychain is just the thing. Not only is it a great accessory for keys or a backpack, this little doohickey projects a green portal across surfaces. While it won’t help with interdimensional travel, it might be helpful to locate a keyhole instead of fumbling around in the dark.

Plumbus with stand and manual

Plumbuses are created in a factory on Plumubo, of course. Everyone knows how a Plumbus works – it’s everywhere Interdimensional Cable! 3D printed and available in three sizes, it’s a great conversation piece, but it might not be a gift for just the casual “Rick and Morty” fan.

Total Rickall Card Game

Cryptozoic Entertainment



Oh oh, looks like someone has been tracked into an alien parasite again. Featuring some of the wackiest characters from the “Total Rickall” episode, this is a cooperative card game of deception for 2-5 players. Ideal for ages 15 and up, it’s highly recommended by Rick.

Anatomy Park Board Game

Cryptozoic Entertainment



It’s not a wholesome episode of ““Magic School Bus” —Welcome to the anatomy park! Based on the third episode of the series, this is a hilarious tile placement strategy game for 2-4 players. The instructions are a little complicated, so this is a great gift for the “Rick and Morty” fan in your life who boasts of his high IQ.

Mr. Meeseeks Onesie




This comfy onesie features a convenient flap, meaning no one has to undress and freshen up while sitting on the toilet. Whether they’re wearing it comfortably on the couch while watching the latest season, or using it as an easy costume that screams “look at me!” it’s the perfect gift for the shy poo in your life.

Simple Rick’s Freedom Wafer Select Enamel Pin

“Come Home to the Impossible Flavor of Your Own Completion. Come Home to Simple Rick’s”

We love good fake brand merchandise, and Simple Rick’s Waffle Cookies have a story that has horror fans gasping and laughing. This enamel pin is handmade and reviewers rave about the quality and detail.

Roy game pin

Whether you’re the type of gamer to knock Roy off the grid, or more inclined to play it safe and head back to the mat store (don’t go back to the mat store!), this enamel pin from the VR game found at Blips and Chitz arcade is a deep cut that any “Rick and Morty” fan will appreciate.

Collectible snowball plush

He’s cute, he’s smart, he’s loyal – and he wants to know where his testicles are. Fans of “Rick and Morty” can enjoy all the softness of Snowball’s cute white fur, without any revenge coercion.

Rick’s gym towel

Ideal for the R&M gym-rat fan in your life, these towels are soft, machine washable and perfect for wiping down the bench at the gym when they puff up. kick Satan’s ass.

Geeki Tiki Mugs

If your “Rick and Morty” fan loves organize a party (for example, maybe when their parents go on a romantic “Titanic” inspired vacation) they need this set of Tiki mugs. Along with the titular duo, this set also includes fan favorites Birdperson, Squanchy, and the notorious assassin. Michel Krombopulos.

Rick and Morty Szechaun Shot Glass




Fans unable to get the iconic sauce can have the next best thing. This shot glass comes in a cute Chinese take-out container and holds two ounces of any liquid you want, be it alcohol or dip. This officially licensed collectible is a must-have.

Butter processor

Technically, this 3D printed butter robot cannot serve its sole purpose, as it is a stationary work of art, not an actual robot. But it still makes for a hilarious conversation starter that any “Rick and Morty” fan would love. Butter and existential crisis not included.

Rick and Morty Spaceship USB Lamp

Whether they want a cool looking nightlight or need a lamp so they can stay up late and understand the intricacies of “snake math“, this light fits any USB port and is perfect for kids, teens or adults.

Money box paperweight Mr Meeseeks

Surreal Entertainment



Unfortunately, you can’t give anyone a real Mr Meeseeks box to help them achieve their goals. But you box give them this Mr Meeseeks piggy bank, which will help them save and reach their financial Goals.

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