43rd Annual Telly Awards Announce Winners


The Telly Awards have announced the winners for 2022, including a variety of leading brands and organizations as well as small media companies such as ViacomCBS, Warner Bros. Worldwide TV Marketing, Sony Music Entertainment, Microsoft, ESPN, PBS Digital Studios, Mytonomy, Freethink, Nice Shoes, CTRL5, Feed the Children, Square, Crunchyroll and Fast Company.

This year’s edition received over 11,000 entries and saw an increase in global submissions from Australia, Mexico, across Europe (Germany, Spain, France) and Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan ).

Founded in 1979 to honor commercials made for cable and local television, the Telly Awards have continually renewed their categories to honor the wide range of evolving work – including branded content, social video and animation – in working with industry experts to identify categories where new platforms are playing an increasingly important role in how stories are told.

“The workforce has changed so much. New companies have emerged from this period, others have changed their offerings and employees are also looking for new ways to work – and video is being used more than ever to address these changes,” said Sabrina Dridje, Executive Director by Tellys.

“A company’s culture has never been more critical to attracting and retaining talent – whether it’s new ways of working remotely, putting purpose at the center of a company’s core values, or to provide employee resource groups for communities to come together and support each other internally This year’s incredible group of winners is a great example of the many clever and unique ways video is being used to address these hot topics By introducing our new categories, we continue to fulfill our mission of constantly evolving with the changing industry and world.

Among the winners of the new categories, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Microsoft and The Walt Disney Company, Europe and Africa, took home a big prize in Workplace Culture. Johns Hopkins Medicine’s ‘When The Dust Settles’ features nurse manager Robin Lewis-Cherry, MSN, as she performs spoken word poetry honoring courage, commitment, sacrifice and resilience of his colleagues during the pandemic.

In hybrid events, Left Field Labs and ViacomCBS Consumer Products took top honors, the latter for “ViacomCBS Consumer Products Virtual Partner Summit,” a recap of their virtual partner’s presentation using UNREAL Engine to create a virtual stage to showcase updates. up to date on their shows. PBS, CTRL5, Department of Veterans Affairs, American Documentary Inc, Setter Studios and Grounded won gold in Sustainability, which highlights the many ways video and television are used to center stories around environmental issues – a powerful way to deliver critical information about the current and future state of the planet.

Meanwhile, in education and training and recruitment, two key areas where video is increasingly being used to attract, educate and retain top talent, category one winners included work from Accenture Productions , PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs and American Theater. Wing, while Stanford University and Johns Hopkins Medicine took top honors in recruiting.

The Telly Awards also announced Al Jazeera Media Network’s digital division as TV Company of the Year for the second consecutive year. With works such as “Decoded with Amr Waked” to “Mexico’s Missing Sons” and “Out of Sight in Kashmir” told through the eyes of displaced children, Telly’s honors reflect the influence of the media corporation with their powerful and unique form of reporting. and storytelling. Al Jazeera Media Network’s work this season continues to epitomize what it means to create compelling and authoritative video journalism.

Finally, it was another stellar year for the “People’s Telly Awards”, which recognize the most beloved pieces chosen by the Telly Awards audience. Among the winners are Al Jazeera: “Al Jazeera Investigations – All the Prime Minister’s Men”, “One Park. A story. Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Historical Park” and Operation Smile: “A Window to the World: The Anthony L. & Hideko S. Burgess Interactive Learning Center”.

To further reinforce its commitment to producing and sharing stories that showcase its diverse community, the Telly Awards launched new initiatives, including The Telly Award Podcast, which brought together industry experts like Felicia Pride, screenwriter and producer of ABC’s hit show. Grey’s Anatomy and Navid Khonsari, game writer and producer of Rockstar family games Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne, to share ideas, debate their differences, and find common ground in their forms of storytelling. The Tellys also reinstated the hugely popular Tellys Live Experiences, which featured works such as The New York Times and Atlantic.

“Each of these events was attended by the diverse body of the Telly Awards, including major corporate agencies as well as smaller independent creators and production companies,” said Dridje. “Our podcast and live events are among the best ways for us to bring these groups together, increase our brand awareness and strengthen bonds between our current customers as well as develop relationships with new partners and entrants – while showcasing the very best work of our community.

Telly Gold Award Winners

branded content

  • Free Thought won for “Catalysts” in Campaign: Social Responsibility
  • FORTUNE Brand Studio won for Salesforce and FORTUNE Brand Studio presents THE ECOPRENEURS “Ep1: SeaTrees” in Video/Cinematography
  • Innocence Project won for “Happiest Moments” in Campaign: non-profit

Not broadcast

  • Mytonomy won for “Cochlear Implants” in Education and formation
  • Sony Music Entertainment won for Janis Joplin “Me and Bobby McGree (Official Music Video)” in Use of stock footage


  • Microsoft won for “Power On: The Xbox Story” in Games
  • PlayStation won for “Star Wars” in Games
  • Taxi film production won for Tourism & Events Queensland – “Days Like This” in Direction


  • Hearst Media Production Group won “The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation” award in Museums & Galleries
  • The Walt Disney Company, Europe and Asia won for “Disney Jr. Xmas Multiproperty Spot” in Fully animated piece
  • WET TRANSFER won for Aline – “The French Dispatch” in Using 2D animation

Immersive and mixed reality

  • Nice shoes won for Audi: “E-Tron Showroom” in Use of AR

Social Video

  • PBS Digital Studios won for “Popular words invented by authors” in Education and formation
  • Sesame Workshop won for “Dia de Los Muertos/Day of the Dead Song” in Children

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