A deaf rapper from Detroit will take the stage for Super Bowl halftime

When one of the most anticipated Super Bowl halftime shows kicks off on Feb. 13, there won’t be the only piece of Detroit hitting the stage. Detroit Rapper Sean Forbes will be up there alongside Eminem with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Mary J. Blige.

the Detroit Free Press reported that Forbes, a 40-year-old deaf rapper from Detroit, was asked to perform during the Super Bowl LVI halftime show at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. Forbes will join fellow deaf rapper Warren (WaWa) Snipe as the first-ever ASL performer at a Super Bowl game for the halftime festivities.

Forbes, a celebrity in his own right, went deaf from spinal meningitis when he was just a few months old. He grew up in a family of musicians and is both a performer and a writer, having written over 100 songs with collaborator Jacke Bass. Her 2020 album, titled ‘Little Victories’, topped Amazon’s sales charts the week it was released and was number one iTunes and Amazon for Hip Hop digital sales.

Forbes is co-founder of D-PAN, The Deaf Professional Arts Network, which makes music accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing community by creating music videos of American Sign Language interpretations of popular songs. D-PAN has made videos for John Mayer, White Stripes, Imagine Dragons, and many others, including Eminem. Forbes actually did quite a bit of work at the same time Ferndale Sound Studio 54where Eminem did much of his early work.

Don’t expect Forbes or WaWa to simply stand on the sidelines of the stage during the big performance. Their energy and performance will be exactly what you see coming from the megastars who entertain millions around the world.

“The doors to accessibility are wide open with something like this,” Forbes told the Detroit Free Press. “So it’s really a loop moment, being from Detroit, being part of the Eminem camp – or even going back to being 12 and listening to NWA, Dre and Snoop on my Walkman. My goal is to get out there, show what we can do and have fun,” he continued, “And I want to open the door for other Deaf artists.

You can catch the entire show on NBC this Sunday starting at 6:60 p.m.

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