A Game of Two Scarves – Jamie Redknapp collaborates with Paddy Power

Footballer-turned-pundit Jamie Redknapp steps into the world of documentaries, analyzing some of the biggest issues in the modern game… but it’s with operator Paddy Power, so there’s perhaps more than a pinch of salt to take here somewhere.

For starters, ‘Paddy Power’s Jamie Redknapp Investigates’ is a series that will see the former Liverpool midfielder get to the bottom of things that really annoy football fans. First of all, it’s half and half scarves.

The scarf described by some of the fans he interviews as “dirty”, “foul” and “so shitty”. In this first of three parts, Redknapp reveals how the industry is now worth “over half a billion pounds” and even tracks down the inventor of the half-and-half scarf.

We find out that the inventor, Brian, explains that it was actually his divorce that inspired him to join two separate scarves, after his wife cut everything he owned in half. Tying half his Arsenal scarf to half his Holland scarf, he created the first half-and-half scarf… which sadly read “Arse land”.

But is there any other cost we need to consider when it comes to this choker?

“Half and half scarves have a very short lifespan,” says Redknapp’s next interviewee – environmental activist Lisa.

They are often thrown away after play and can unfortunately end up in the wild. Lisa reported seeing a baboon wearing a scarf with Tony Pulis on one end and Sean Dyche on the other. Of course, there is no impact on the health of the animal, but as Lisa pointed out, they “just look really stupid.”

A Paddy Power spokesman said: “Forget the diving, dodgy VAR calls and people leaving early – half and half scarves are the biggest shame in football right now.

“So we’ve put our best man on the case to investigate and uncover the awful truth about this scourge of modern football which we know annoys all true football fans across the country. Because there has things that don’t go well together, like pasta and ketchup or Tottenham and trophies.

The second episode of “Paddy Power’s Jamie Redknapp Investigates” is released next Friday and sees Jamie go up against Twitter trolls.

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