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– The industry forum is dedicated to the new generation of European producers, new formats and innovative trends, and will showcase 16 promising projects in development, production and post

The big nothing by Vit Klusák and Marika Pecháčkova

The industry sidebar of the Ji.hlava International Documentary Film Festival, the New Visions Forum (October 26-29), will soon host its second edition, dedicated to the new generation of European producers, new formats and trends. and innovative visions. The selected projects encompass a wide range of genres and formats, including docufiction, hybrid films, expanded cinema and experimental works. This year, the festival is launching a plethora of new prizes rewarding the most promising projects presented at the forum, in collaboration with its partners AmDocs, UPP, Soundsquare, DAFilms.com, Taskovski Films, Cannes Docs – Marché du Film, the Association du Documentary of Europe and the European film market. The jury that will deliberate on the awards this year is made up of the artistic director of the Berlin International Film Festival Carlo ChatrienAmerican cinema producer Michael Rogosin and the artistic director of the New Horizons International Film Festival, Ewa Szablowska.

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Several national projects were part of the selection. experimental filmmaker Ondrej Vavrecka will present 1+1+1, described as a playful 16mm film about the notion of progress. The image mixes the game of situation with the joyful elements of a musical, as well as the meetings between writers and intellectuals in their daily environment. Another project is If I ever lose my eyes by another national experimental filmmaker, Lea Petrikova. It is described as a cinematic journey through places near and far, real and dreamlike, on the border between reality and fiction. The synopsis reveals: “The guides on this journey are diverse explorers who present their elusive experiences of searching for and capturing footprints of the unseen – ancient filmmakers, a forgotten film movement, an expert in local history, a mountaineer, a teacher and the director herself, Lea Petříková.” Well-known Czech provocateur, mockumentary and prankster Vit Klusakwho was behind the documentary Caught in the net [+see also:
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a domestic smash, teamed up with his partner, Marika Pecháčkovapull The big nothingon the COVID-19 pandemic as it unfolded in real time.

International projects include Basement 341 by Ukrainian filmmaker Romain Blazhan, referring to the situation where Russian troops locked the 341 residents of Yahidne in a 160 square meter school basement, where they spent 26 days. One of the villagers kept a diary, and this document is one of the keys to the collective trauma puzzle. Another Ukrainian filmmaker, Pavlo Dorohoirecounts how the normal life of the people of Kharkiv changed after daily Russian bombardments forced them to seek refuge in the metro, in Metro 2022. Audun Amundsen tackles the hot topic of online money gurus in Click on the link belowwhile Aura Satz contemplates two decades of the new millennium filled with nuclear accidents, tsunamis, tornadoes, floods, fires, melting ice caps, a global pandemic, the rise of populism and right-wing demagogues in the audio cinematic essay Preventive listening.

Here is the complete list of projects selected for the Ji.hlava New Visions Forum:

1+1+1Ondrej Vavrecka (Czech Republic)
Producer: Vit Janecek
Production company: D1film

A farewell to the snow – A film trilogySanni Priha (Finland)
Producer: Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo
Production company: Poike Productio

Basement 341Romain Blazhan (Ukraine)
Producer: Roman Blazhan
Production Company: Minimal Movie

Click on the link belowAudun Amundsen (Germany/Norway/UK)
Producer: Audun Amundsen
Production Company: GonzoDocs AS

ForestLidia Duda (Poland)
Producer: Adrianna Redzia
Production Company: Aura Films

Hold MawdaRobin Vanbesien (Belgium)
Producer: Robin Vanbesien
Production company: punctual

Hun-TunMagdalena Hejzlarova (Czech Republic/France/Hungary)
Producer: Karolina Davidova
Production company: 13ka

UndergroundValeria Mazzucci (Swiss)
Producer: Irene Munoz Martin
Production company: Near Future

DabrunebaMar Garro Lleonart (Spain)
Producers: Alba Sotorra Clua, Paloma Bercovich
Production Company: Alba Sotorra SL

If I ever lose my eyesLea Petrikova (Czech Republic)
Producer: Tomas Pertold
Production company: Perfilm

At the end of the world. Darkness: RedemptionAbraham Escobedo-Salas (Mexico/Portugal)
Producer: Abraham Escobedo-Salas
Production company: Flama Films

Metro 2022Pavlo Dorohoi (Ukraine)
Producer: Artem Pribylnov
Production company: Eden Production

Preventive listeningAura Satz (UK/Finland)
Producer: Luke W Moody
Production company: Studio LONO

red skyMarina Thome (Portugal)
Producer: Marcia Mansur
Production company: Estúdio CRUA

sinnersAles Suk (Croatia)
Producer: Ales Suk
Production company: UKUS

The big nothingVit Klusak, Marika Pecháčkova (Czech Republic)
Producers: Pavla KlimesovaVit Klusak, Philippe Remunda
Production company: Hypermarché Film

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