A New Documentary Celebrates Cowboys Across Borders


The passion of today’s Cowboys on four different ranches is showcased in an international documentary, Cowboys Without Borders.

A new documentary, Cowboys Without Borders, shows real cowboy life told in four different regions: Texas, Mexico, Montana and Argentina. Gaston Davis, a 6th generation Texan, grew up working on his late great-grandfather’s ranch during the summers. He has long wanted to celebrate the modern-day cowboy and did a magnificent job in his documentary.

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“Living in both urban and rural America, I saw it as my goal to bridge the ever-widening gap between the two demographics,” says Davis. “Cowboys Without Borders does just that through a global adventure that brings the Cowboy to life, which is not only a central part of American history, but an essential part of everyone’s life today.

Davis works on ranches alongside Cowboys from North America to Central and South America. Although Davis’ documentary focuses on cattle farms, viewers end up seeing the heart of the film; no matter how far apart these ranches are and separated by decades of advancement and technology, the heart of the American cowboy remains the same.

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Photo: Courtesy of Gaston Davis

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