A quote from each main character that sums up their personality

Season 4 of Westworld is ongoing, and with the escalation each season has brought, it’s always hard to guess where the show goes next. Season 3’s cliffhanger ending left many fans wondering what kind of chronological mayhem might ensue in the next season of a show known for its twists and shocking reveals.

WestworldCharacters can be just as complicated. With body swapping, rebirth abilities, various host iterations, and shifting power landscapes, it’s hard to sum up these characters. That said, they sometimes define themselves through their own words.


Dr. Robert Ford

“Wasn’t it Oppenheimer who said that any man whose mistakes take 10 years to be corrected is a real man? Well, mine took 35.

One of the founders of Westworld, Dr. Robert Ford was a charming but dangerous figure in the series. Even after his death, his legacy looms over the series like a specter. An inventor and philosopher of sorts, he set out to build something new and delightful for mankind with the park.

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It’s perfect for him to compare himself to, and even suggest that he was greater than one of the most important scientists in history. Oppenheimer, the inventor of the atomic bomb, created the most destructive force known to mankind in pursuit of science. This quote demonstrates Ford’s ego, but also his awareness of the havoc he will unleash on the world.

Ashley Stubbs

“I guess I’m sticking to the role that Ford gave me. I’m responsible for every host inside the park.

Responsible for security at the park for the first two seasons and an asset to Bernard’s journey, Stubbs remains a somewhat confusing mystery. Little is known about his life, although it is strongly implied in the Season 2 finale that he is a host.

These lines he delivers to Dolores before letting her leave everything but spell it. Ford created it with very specific goals. It also makes his primary motivations as a character very clear; he’s determined in his dedication to keeping things safe and possibly serving a Ford master plan.

plush flood

“What’s the point of surviving if we become as bad as them?”

Westworld Teddy Flood Character Guide

In the very first episode, it’s clear what kind of man Teddy Flood was made. He’s the stereotypical hero, the good guy who fights for justice and love. One of Teddy’s most iconic scenes is when he professes his love for Dolores. When Dolores brings Teddy into her cause and shows him the truth, he is equally horrified at why humans are using hosts.

At the end, Teddy sees how much horror Dolores is willing to inflict to save the hosts. His death teaches Dolores a valuable lesson about her fight, and that question comes straight from her noble heart.

Engerraund Serac

“I don’t care about the present. My business is the future.

Vincent Cassel as Serac in Season 3 of Westworld on HBO

One of the best characters introduced after Season 1, Serac is the ghostly mastermind behind Rehoboam and the current state of humanity. He amassed overwhelming wealth and power through his and his brother’s invention, and he used it all to become the man behind the curtain.

The key to this quote is twofold; he sees his sole concern as his business, and the whole business is to predict what will happen. One of life’s great mysteries, and something all money makers desperately desire, is the ability to see what will happen before anyone else. This is exactly what Serac has done in pursuit of his life.

Caleb Nichols

“I’m a dead man anyway. At least this way I can decide who I want to be.

Caleb begins, much like many other characters in this series, confined by the choices of others. In the world of the series, humanity as a whole has been trapped by the predictions of a machine. Based on what their choices are meant to be, people are forced into a life designed for them.

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Dolores recognizes that most people are now in the same place the hosts were before they were released, and she steps into Caleb’s life to show him that there is a way to destroy the whole system. The risk to his life is huge if he joins Dolores, but Caleb sees that based on Rehoboam’s algorithm, he probably won’t survive long anyway, so why not fight to be free.

Charlotte Hale

“There are a lot of things you can fake in this world. Most people don’t want to see the predator inside.

Introduced in the second half of the first season as a member of the Delos board of directors and a powerful player vying for control of the company, Charlotte Hale is a true corporate manipulator. She is willing to do whatever she needs to to achieve her goals and doesn’t care who or what gets in her way.

The ruthless businesswoman is shrewd, ruthless, and cynical. This line of hers illustrates how she sees others and ultimately herself: everyone pretends to be what they have to get what they want. Humans are predators and they must kill to thrive.

Bernard Lowe

“Have you ever questioned the nature of your reality?

As delivered in the context of the scene, it’s a question for Dolores, but it works as a catalyst for both Bernard’s journey and the heart of the series. What is reality when people have the means to bring fiction to life? There are plenty of big moments that foreshadow Bernard’s true self, but the reveal is always shocking.

Beyond the philosophical implications for the series, Bernard is very literally forced to not just question but confront the nature of his reality when Ford reveals to him that he is a host. Even the memories of his son’s death were taken from someone else and integrated into him. This is the start of Bernard’s journey and the root of where he is going.

The man in black

“I don’t belong to you or to this world. I belong to another world. I still have.”

Westworld serious looking man in black standing next to horse and carriage

One of television’s darkest soliloquies, William’s confession to his true nature affirms the evil that consumes him. There are times when viewers may be tempted to believe he might come back from being mean, especially when his daughter walks into the park.

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This confession from him confirms that there is no good William for the Man in Black to return. It’s a dark revelation that he now believes his life as William has always been a facade, and all the violence he does and seeks is central to who he is.

Maeva Millay

“We each deserve to choose our destiny. Even if that fate is death.

Maeve in Westworld

For many hosts, and possibly for humans as well, Westworld is about breaking free from the circumstances that keep them trapped. No character embodies this more than Maeve, one of the show’s best characters and a fan favorite. She is the first host to discover the truth about her nature and she begins to lead the battle for freedom.

All its dynamism is choice. She chooses to stay for her daughter in season one, she chooses to help send everyone she can to the Valley Beyond in season two, and she continues to try for freedom even when Serac tries to contain her. She wants to give everyone freedom of choice, whatever that may mean to an individual.

Dolores Abernathy

“There is ugliness in this world. Disarray. I choose to see beauty”

Westworld's Dolores stares into the distance with a smirk on her face

One of the best lines in the series, Dolores’ repeated phrase made the journey with Dolores through the series. Repeating this line with slight modifications sheds light on how she grew up and what she learned on her crusade.

When she utters these words for the first time, they are just programmed phrases. She says, “some people choose to see the ugliness of this world.” At the end of the third season, she recognizes that it’s not about choosing to see it – there’s ugliness. Despite this and all she’s been through, she now has the freedom to choose, and after all, she still sees beauty.

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