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I hope these rankings are longer than 10 seconds. I’m not very good at writing them, but I like writing them for you – but if you want to stop reading, you can.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about – then PLEASE go to Twitter and type “#BB24 10 seconds”.

This week was Big Brother 24 House’s sloppiest week this season. There was a ton of bad gameplay and even more gameplay. In the end, we get a possible blindside and the house will be rocked when the new twist is unveiled.

BUT FIRST – I have to hand out bacon (not a lot), tofu (a lot) and try to figure out which of these bozos gets the Tofurkey of the week

Mounted – 4 strips of bacon – all he did this week was sit around and let everyone go crazy around him. He played with the enthusiasm that he was the “big target” the HoH claimed to be aiming for. His place in the Remnants is still safe – unlike someone else. He just hangs around.

Michael – 3 slices of bacon – nice week of rebound for Michael after his HoH was boring and basic. He’s still the voice of reason when it comes to the bigger picture and the ending of the game. I’m still shocked that people don’t see him as the biggest threat to winning the game despite Daniel screaming in his nomination speech last week. But here we are.

Turner – 2 Bacon Strips – Turner does an amazing job being the goofball of the house – with most of his pranks in the general direction of one person. The way he talks to and about Jasmine made me think, maybe he has a crush on a little schoolboy. But no, it’s just her way of getting back at the ridicule coming from her. From a game perspective, he’s considered a non-threat, which works perfectly. To paraphrase the character of Bruce Willis in pulp fiction “That’s how you’re going to beat them, (Turner). They keep underestimating you”

Brittany – 2 slices of bacon – unfortunately for Brittany – she can’t keep that bacon, it’s up to her to give it to Michael since she’s already giving him $750,000 – how about a few pieces of bacon too?

Terrence – 1 strip of Tofu – 4th time on the block, and 4th time not coming home. I don’t know what else to say about him this week.

taylor – 2 strips of tofu – I don’t know which is worse – Taylor’s HoH reign, or Taylor’s overall gameplay. The BB Fandom rallied around her when she was treated unfairly – but that’s the thank you we get? Her HoH was a total failure – she was so insipid about who to target and how to target them. The only thing she did well was color-coordinate her dress and HoH dress during her nominations, and wear lingerie under her HoH dress during Veto player selection. She was shooting hard for Terrance at the start of the week, was ready to set up her fake showmanship partner Joseph, moved the target to Alyssa, couldn’t convince Kyle to veto — and is now playing with Indy then. that his plans were foiled. All the while, she becomes the mean mean girl people accused her of being at the start of the game.

joseph – 3 slices of tofu – what’s with all these people volunteering to go on the block this season? It was once BB’s biggest taboo – but now we have arguably the best player in the first half of the game doing it. Joseph is/was in the safest place in the house – being the double agent with the Five Swatters for The Leftovers. But to see him willing to risk his in-game safety for optics at this point is just stupid and stupid! Luckily for him things turned out differently with the veto not being used – so hopefully he straightens up and starts playing a winning game again – not a Pooch/Nicole game.

India – 4 strips of tofu – we never really saw the meltdown that everyone was expecting from her in the neighborhood this week. But something has definitely changed this week because she’s not as fun and bubbly as she used to be. She still thinks she has a chance to stay – so hopefully from a fan perspective – hopefully she’s caught off guard tonight and goes off in a ball of fire. Now that there will be a live audience – I think that might save a week blah.

Jasmine – 5 slices of Tofu – I mean, it’s so easy to make fun of Jasmine, like we’ve seen Turner do all week, well… let’s face it BB Twitter has been doing it all season. But it’s not like we go after her just for the sake of going after her. She makes it TOO EASY! Yes, her birthday was this week – but she was walking around like she was the queen – and was actually upset that they weren’t giving her balloons for her birthday. (Note… she wanted to release a balloon in the garden in honor of her father’s birthday, which she shares with him and he passed away). When Turner mentioned that a balloon could hurt or kill a bird, that’s all she needed to overplay the victim card…again. Truth be told – I love him in the game – purely for comedic reasons. When it comes to actual gameplay, she has the worst read in the house, otherwise she would have realized Joseph was playing both sides.

This brings us to the Tofurkeys of the week – yes, plural – and it should come as no surprise, Kyle and Alyssa share this honor. Kyle let his small head think while his big head sinks its own game. Yes – he pushed the story of a possible Cookout 2.0 start – which is ridiculous and no real proof. But he can’t see that being tied so tightly to Alyssa is going to be his downfall. I guess $750,000 isn’t worth as much as 10 seconds of fun (hope you’ve watched that already).

As for Alyssa getting the Tofurkey – why why would you take a vacation away from the HoH. If she actually had some sort of strategy – she would have traded Indy for the Veto – then the two could be safe. Jasmine would have kept the $5,000 or traded it in for the trip — and that would have made Taylor happy. And then Kyle could have traded the Punk-itard to Jasmine. HoH would have been happy, Indy would have been saved, and that would have forced Taylor to set up the “biggest target” in Joseph. Instead – she regretted her actions all week – and ended up putting her and Kyle in an awkward position (not on the pool floats in the Have Not room).

There you go, let me know what you think of my rankings in the comments section below. This new spin on split house is sure to shake up everything in the game – and hopefully bring some more excitement this coming week to catch up with that of the past.

From outside the Big Brother house – I’m Adam Poch – I’ll be back before you can say blueberry pie!

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