AJ Brown pushes back against report that Eagles QB Jalen Hurts is bombing in practice

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver AJ Brown fends off a fiery report from Jalen Hurts.

A report recently shared on JAKIB Sports claimed the young NFL quarterback absolutely bombs in practice, threw three interceptions and was sacked multiple times in a 10-game streak. (RELATED: David Hookstead is the real King In the North When it comes to college football)

You can listen to the full report below.

Well, the Hurts wide receiver comes to his defense and tweeted on Monday that the report “is bogus,” and claimed it’s not even possible for a QB to be sacked in a 7-on-7 series.

While I don’t doubt Hurts struggled at times in practice, I find it almost impossible to believe he threw three picks and took multiple sacks over a 10-game streak.

It’s just such a nonsensical claim that unless I see the tape, I don’t buy it. Even the worst quarterback in the league will never have such a bad streak.

It gets even more suspicious when, as Brown pointed out, you recognize that there are no rushers on 7v7. If that was really the format, then there’s pretty much no possible way to that the disturbing report is true.

The claim sounds like complete fiction, and we have no reason to believe it.

Hurts needs to prove he belongs as a QB1 for the Eagles, but fans shouldn’t give this report a second thought!

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