Aladdin star Mena Massoud stars in charming fairytale love story ‘The Royal Treatment’

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As January 2022 draws to a close, we welcome the new (and rather loving) month of February. Love is constantly in the air, whether it’s self-love or spending time with your loved ones, and it looks like a majority of people will be looking forward to their days in a month mostly known for her affection and her beauty. heart-shaped treats paired with beautiful arrays of gourmet chocolates. However, there is another tradition in this month of worship that many others tend to gravitate toward: romantic comedy.

Romantic comedies are amazing and a wonderful cinematic way to escape the world and live in fantasy to watch the love play out between two characters we’ll never know. It’s one of the most magical and intimate ways to make movies, and no matter how cheesy they might be, there’s something about them that everyone could appreciate; a real Lovebirds fan or not. And, based on the new romantic comedy ‘The royal treatment‘, it’s clear that netflix comes out with a strong debut for the classic lovable and mushy romantic American film.

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Royally Cheesey (and oh, so much fun)

Filled with face-to-face Italian New Yorkers and absolutely immaculate royal company, “The Royal Treatment” tells the story of Izzy; a New York hairdresser. When suddenly given the opportunity to do her hair and makeup for a royal wedding, Izzy, along with her two best friends (and colleagues) beyond supportive, trips in the beautiful (but fictional) land of Lavania to help the prince and his bride-to-be prepare for the big day. But, as Izzy and the prince grow closer, sparks begin to fly between them. As the story progresses, the question is whether or not a romance will blossom between the two; or if they will end up going their separate ways after Izzy’s time ends.

At first glance, the set of “The Royal Treatment” looks like a movie that will most likely be cheesy and heartfelt; but in the best way, oddly enough. The story is reminiscent of classic movies that involve romance among royalty, as well as the nostalgia for romantic comedies that the majority of us grew to love. An example that seems really important to highlight in this sense is that of the similarities with ‘The Diary of a Princess‘; which is also what the majority of others would consider a prime example when it comes to “The Royal Treatment.” However, it’s fair to say that this film alone is a great and charming blossoming love story; but the comparison ‘The Princess Diaries’ is certainly a great way to sell this film because it makes it seem like the script has been flipped from the woman getting a makeover to now the man is getting a makeover.

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Tying it all together, what you really need to know to prepare to watch “The Royal Treatment” is feel like you’ve been taken back to the good old days of the 2000s when most romantic comedies had substance; despite how cheesy it was, we were smiling a lot while rolling our eyes because deep down, it’s hard to beat how fun it is to watch two people fall in love. Associated with this there is also a huge fantastic and Wattpad-esque with the way the story unfolds and the way the characters are developed. And, I mean as Well something and something to admire with the movie and how it plays into that feeling reminiscent of classic romantic comedies.

“The Royal Treatment” – The “Formalities” of a Royal Film

“The Royal Treatment” does a great job of following the classic, traditional setup of a classic romantic comedy. The camerawork consists mostly of static shots, and the color schemes give off that warm, loving feel; overall this combination presents the film as an enjoyable and relaxing standard romantic story. The acting in this film also emphasizes this aspect of cinematography through how vividly each character takes to the screen, and there’s never really a dull moment in the film without them. Personally, I’ll admit that the dialogue in “The Royal Treatment” isn’t quite its strongest point; but I found the actors were able to use the script to their advantage and make the dialogue in the film feel like it had more substance.

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Going back to that “The Princess Diaries” comparison, it’s also fun to point out that the two main lovebirds in that movie are played by Disney stars. Laura Marano (who played Ally in ‘Austin and ally‘) and Mena Massoud (who debuted as Aladdin in the live-action remake of ‘Aladdin‘) team up to create a wonderful Disney-eqsue love story without even the production of disney themselves. The chemistry between Marano and Massoud is stunning, and they make the duo of Izzy the hairdresser and Thomas the prince even more adorable to watch; the beautiful blend of their talents turning into an adorable ending to a sweet movie. Kudos also to Marano’s New York accent.

The movie director, Rick Jacobson, and the screenwriter, holly hester, seem to step out of their normal genre of cinema with ‘The Royal Treatment’. Jacobson made more horror-centric media and Hester mostly wrote sitcoms, and so on the face of it, it seems many would be scratching their heads in confusion as to how these two could make a rom-com. . But, incredibly, they both manage to create a heartfelt rom-com as they work in tandem; and that in itself is something worth admiring whether or not you fully appreciate ‘The Royal Treatment’.

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A treat with a charming ending

Primarily, “The Royal Treatment” is a fun movie to watch with your friends or family; or if you’re like me, with your boyfriend who ends up completely invested in the movie and absolutely wants to see how it ends (and I’ll admit, I really wanted to see how it ended too). With a woman who only wants to do good in the world, a prince who wants to break free from the precious prestigious standard, and an unexpected cute Italian dance number, “The Royal Treatment” gives its viewers a fairytale-like romance to adore.

While most of the movie’s moments are cheesy, that’s the beauty of the category this movie fits into. Romantic comedies are an incredible outlet to be nerdy and indulge a bit in the realm of falling in love with a prince who just happens to be living in a fantasy castle. Anyone who loves romantic comedies will love “The Royal Treatment”; because that’s what the film ultimately is: an enchanting royal treatment.

To throw: Laura Marano, Mena Massoud, Cameron Rhodes

Cinematography: John Cavill | Editor: Luke Haigh | Director: Rick Jacobson | Writer: holly hester | Producers: Laura Marano, vanessa marano, Ellen Marano

By Lea Donato

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