Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 10 funniest characters, ranked

The Governor, The Terminator, Mr. Universe. Arnold Schwarzenegger is known by many names and has received accolades for many things throughout his incredible career. One aspect that is sometimes overlooked about his time in Hollywood is his fantastic ability as a movie comic.

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Schwarzenegger is rightly known as one of the biggest action stars in cinema. Time and time again, the bodybuilding legend donned his comedy boots and filled theaters with thunderous laughter. His big-screen career is now matched by few, with some of Schwarzenegger’s on-screen alter egos considered to be one of the most iconic in movie history. Of all its captivating characters, some are hilarious.

ten True Lies Heartthrob Comedian Harry Tasker

Arnold Schwarzenegger flies a jet in true lies

Largely underestimated, especially compared to the likes of The Terminator, is a term which corresponds perfectly to that of James Cameron True lies. The iconic director essentially made Schwarzenegger one of the biggest movie stars on the planet with his 1984 sci-fi hit. True lies would deliver an equally sensational portrayal of Arnie, but with far more humor than horror.

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Schwarzenegger’s Harry Tasker is no stranger to high-stakes action. But, between the breathtaking waterfalls of True lies, there are many occasions for him to make his jokes. These jokes all hit the mark.

9 The Ace Who Waits, Dr. Alexander Hesse, of Junior

arnold schwarzenegger as a junior

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as a man who gets pregnant in the name of science, which may not seem like a big screen-worthy concept. With expert guidance from Ivan Reitman and assistance in the form of world-class acting skills Danny DeVito and Emma Thompson, Junior is one of the funniest Schwarzenegger movies.

The former Mr. Universe even landed a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in Junior. In 1994, Schwarzenegger had already proven his talents as an actor. Junior simply cemented him as an A-lister that could guarantee an audience’s laughs.

8 Killing Gunther’s Outrageous Gunther

kill gunther arnold schwarzenegger

2017 Kill Gunther can be widely seen as a film misstep on the whole. But, all Schwarzenegger fans will get more than their money’s worth from his performance alone.

Apparently having the time of his life in front of the camera, Arnie puts on one of his most extravagant and outrageous performances to date. Kill Gunther is far from a career high point given Schwarzenegger’s incredible successes in movies, but it’s certainly a good time for anyone who enjoys The Governator’s brand of comedy.

seven Last Action Hero’s satirical sensation Jack Slater

Heroes of the last action is an easy, fun watch that essentially pits Schwarzenegger against himself – or at least the public perception of his usual characters on the big screen.

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As Detective Jack Slater, Schwarzenegger pokes fun at his most famous outings in the action genre, resulting in many hilarious moments throughout. John McTiernan’s satire may have struggled to find an audience when it came out. Now, thanks to Arnold’s fun man of action, Heroes of the last action is considered a cult classic.

6 Laughter inducing the god Hercules of Hercules in New York

hercules-in-new-york arnold schwarzenegger running

One of Schwarzenegger’s funniest roles wasn’t supposed to be as hilarious as it is. Hercules in New York is a disaster of a movie. Completed by excruciating costumes, ridiculously bad writing, and an absurd story centered on the muscular god.

Arnold Strong, as he was credited at the time, made Hercules in New York watchable today. His charisma is undeniable – even when working with such bad materials. There is no film in which Schwarzenegger’s Austrian accent is as powerful as in Hercules in New York.

5 Batman and Robin Pun-Tastic Mr. Freeze Power Plant


While some movies have made it into such bad territory, it’s okay, the 1997s Batman and robin is widely hated by Bat fans and the general public. If the pun image of Joel Schumaker has a saving grace, it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger who presents it as Mr. Freeze.

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It is considered to be one of the worst films ever made. Although Arnold throws lines like “Ice to meet you!” “Let me break the ice. “Coldness!” makes Batman and robin a joy to watch for any fan of former Mr. Olympia.

4 The Instantly Quote Ben Richards from The Running Man

the runner arnold schwarzenegger

For the best of ’80s action movie one-liners, look no further than Paul Michael Glaser’s The running man. In 2021, this 1987 classic plays a bit like a compilation of the greatest hits of Schwarzenegger’s most cited jokes. They are funny enough to turn this action thriller into a comedy in its own right.

The pleasure inside The running man comes from its ability to deliver thrills without taking itself too seriously. It’s a technique The Austrian Oak would perfect throughout his career, but rarely has it become more fun than in The running man.

3 Jingle All The Way’s Gorgeous Mattress Salesman Howard Langston

jingle all the way arnold schwarzenegger

This Christmas classic features everything from Schwarzenegger yelling about cookies, to the muscleman having a Santa showdown with former WWE star The Big Show. Jingle All the Way is easily one of Arnold’s most hilarious hits. Jingle All the Way is in top form throughout that 1996 holiday hoot, and the film remains a popular December lore even today.

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One of his most memorable characters is Howard Langston of Schwarzenegger – quite remarkable considering the ’90s action king doesn’t touch a gun. However, he takes off in a jetpack.

2 The Titan, Julius, Twins

Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzennegger as twins

twins featured Schwarzenegger armed with his gigantic biceps and his partner in crime, Danny DeVito. twins made audiences laugh in 1988.

The former Mr. Universe had shown glimpses of his acting skills before the slight story of siblings separated at birth. twins cemented Schwarzenegger as a man capable of much more than the action genre, and that he had more than enough funny bones hidden under his muscles to make him a comedy star.

1 The Party Pooper Detective John Kimble from Kindergarten Cop

kindergarten cop arnold schwarzenneger

Another of Arnold’s classic comedic characters, John Kimble fulfills kindergarten cop with hilarious moments and unforgettable lines. kindergarten cop Also features some of Schwarzenegger’s funniest physical comedies, and it does so remarkably without sacrificing the character’s intimidating presence. When the time comes, John Kimble quickly ditched laughs in favor of the villainous fighting brilliance that made Schwarzenegger such a star in the first place.

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