ASX Sports Partners With RugbyPass To Create Global Rugby NFTs

MIAMI, November 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ASX Sports, the only next-generation virtual sports exchange platform to offer fans a live in-game “swap”, today announced the signing of an exclusive long-term agreement with Sky New Zealand’s global digital rugby platform, RugbyPass, to bring fantastic NFT-enabled games to rugby fans for the first time. Under the agreement, RugbyPass data will feed into proprietary ASX technology that will deliver real-time live sports gamification to RugbyPass’ more than 10 million audiences.

ASX Sports NFT exchange has the unique ability to leverage live data feeds and responsive algorithms to create the first NFTs for sports with listed values ​​that fluctuate in real time, based on underlying player performance and demand on the market. Marlet. Negotiate on Sports NFT exchange looks like a virtual stock market and opens the door to a new era in fan engagement, creating a unique second screen and OTT experience in which fans enhance the value of their player portfolios through live “trading” and at any time, including in-game, when perceived value could change the most.

Rice power, the president of ASX said: “Our vision of how sports NFTs can be created, rated and traded revolutionizes the fan experience and further elevates the centrality of the second screen in modern sports. We are bringing new dimensions to the entire sports value chain in terms of business opportunities and brand loyalty across the growing facets of fantasy sports around the world. We are delighted to team up with RugbyPass to bring our technology and our offering to a rapidly evolving market that is ripe for further disruption.

ASX’s cutting-edge crypto technology ecosystem is deployed in concert with leading digital asset providers improving its proprietary blockchain and smart contract technology.

Daniel Martin, CEO of RugbyPass, added: “It’s an exciting time to partner with ASX as fans discover new ways to interact and express their passion for rugby and its superstars. Thanks to NFTs, we’ve built a new lineup together. products with a particular focus on what makes rugby fans tick, reinforced by the unique data sets and insights provided by our acquisition of Sports Analytics. This collaboration complements our broader ambitions and focus on digital services, and we will explore other opportunities to develop and foster communities based on rich and actionable content. “

The United States has more than 43 million rugby “fanatics” and more than 1.3 million active participants in the sport, making it the largest amateur rugby market in the world, according to the company. analysis and analysis of sports and entertainment Gemba. The popularity of the United States is expected to increase, driven by the growth of Major League Rugby, United States Rugby plans to bid for upcoming World Cup tournaments and the rise of a younger, digital-native audience looking for ‘non-traditional’ sports content. A 2019 study by Nielsen estimated that rugby had 877 million followers and 405 million fans worldwide.

This trend dovetails with ASX’s proactive push to tap into the United States, the world’s largest sports and sponsorship market, and replicate the strong brand and presence it has built in. Ireland and the UK, in part thanks to the pioneering founder Rice power, whose previous work at Paddy Power Betfair saw him move under Flutter Entertainment, alongside other big brands FanDuel and PokerStars. Conversely, ASX is poised to partner with Tier 1 leagues such as the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL and take advantage of the tremendous opportunity to market the next generation of trading. Of American fantasy sports to their global audiences.

ASX, which has just moved its headquarters Miami, will announce the means to capture market share in the United States and around the world through joint ventures and major agreements with leading sports leagues, teams and athletes.

About ASX Sports
ASX is a blockchain-powered interactive sports and entertainment platform that takes fan engagement to the next level via a fintech-grade exchange that allows sports fans to ‘trade’ in-game, creating a second screen and a unique OTT. live action experience. The fast-growing start-up is a member of the prestigious Sportradar Acceleradar program and has also been selected to partner with leading sports technology promoter HYPE. With its roots in the innovation of betting and sports entertainment driven by the Paddy Powers brand, the company is now establishing itself in the United States with its head office in Miami, one of the world’s leading fintech and crypto hubs.

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