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Jean Paul Bell and Paul Robert Burton are back and gearing up to perform at the Bandbox Theater on April 30. They promise a unique evening of entertainment for the residents of Macleay. The original date had to be rescheduled, but now these two celebrated artists are ready to give Kempsey audiences an incredible and unforgettable evening of music and theater. Paul Robert Burton will perform many of the songs that endeared him to audiences across Australia. He will be joined by Australia’s greatest mime, Jean Paul Bell. Jean Paul toured Australia with his latest character design, “Astor Mascarpone”. Together they will be the entertainment of a unique night. Jean Paul Bell and Paul Robert Burton have both performed in separate shows at Kempsey in recent years. They left the audience captivated, amazed and simply “awed” by their performances. They have never played together in a show like this. “I can’t wait to see these guys bounce off each other,” Chris said. Paul Robert Burton is a multi-tasker, multi-instrumentalist, singer/songwriter/producer and audiovisual technician. Paul has played with Elvis Presley drummer DJ Fontana, James Brown drummer Toni Cooke and has a long list of musical associations with a veritable “who’s who” of the Australian music industry. Paul performs a very eclectic repertoire of originals and unusual traditional musical pieces. Blending blues, Celtic, gypsy, Middle Eastern, gospel, bluegrass, swing, jazz and folk rock influences into an evocative musical landscape. He combines a rich voice, traditional acoustic instruments and modern technology to interpret music as the universal language of unity. Paul has worked in Australia and Europe for many years with his band “The Shuffle Kings” and as a live and/or studio musician with: John Williamson, Jimmy Barnes, Keith Urban, Kev Carmody, Phil Emmanuel, Felicity Urqhart, Doug Mulray, Nathan Cavaleri, Kevin Borich, Pete Wells (Rose Tattoo guitarist), Anne Kirkpatrick, Paul Demarco, Eddy Youngblood, Don Hopkins, Dave Wray (Frank Bennett), Jim Conway, Paul Kelly, Ed Kuepper, Doc Neeson, Steve Prestwich , Graeme Connors, Dave Tice, The Headhunters, Austentayshus, Ian Moss, Gail Page, Wilbur Wilde, Grace Knight, Don Walker, The Brewster Brothers, Moonshine Jug and String Band and many more. Jean Paul Bell, creator of the Clown Doctor Program and co-founder of the Arts Health Institute has been described as “the face that could trigger a thousand laughs”. For Jean-Paul Bell, humor helps put life into perspective. It helps us to understand the orthodox, to tolerate the unpleasant, to overcome the unexpected and to survive the unbearable. Jean-Paul has taken his physical comedy to war-torn countries like Afghanistan and East Timor. Two trips have even been the subject of documentaries, “Honeymoon to Kabul” in 2009 and “Stumbling in Hillary’s Footsteps” in 2013. He believes that the more people are stressed or threatened, the greater the risk of laughter. As Creative Director of the Arts Health Institute, he facilitated national programs, education, and research to bring the arts into healthcare and senior care environments. The highly successful Play Up programme, involving humor therapy for older people with dementia, has been implemented across Australia and incorporates the skills of over 60 performers in 70 aged care settings. An acclaimed documentary, The Smile Within, highlighted his innovative approach to applied theater for the elderly. In 2011, Jean-Paul fulfilled his long-held ambition of leading a group of physical theater performers on The Roof Of The World Tour, performing and teaching workshops in schools built by the Himalayan Trust by Sir Edmund Hillary. A documentary of this trip, “Stumbling In Hillary’s Footsteps”, aired on the ABC program Compass in June 2013. WHEN: February 19 at 7:00 p.m. WHERE: The Bandbox Theater COST: $25 Tickets can be purchased online at: RICKETHOST Or, if available, at the door. However, please note that places are limited, so it is best to reserve your places online in advance.


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