Ben Ferris’ One-Frame Feature ‘In(di)visible’ to Premiere at Antenna

Personal reflections on a pivotal moment in modern history, taken from an unwavering Parisian vantage point, will make their way to the Antenne Documentary Film Festival this year in the form of Ben Ferris Indivisible.

Shot through the window of the filmmaker’s studio during a three-month residency at the Cité internationale des Arts in Paris in 2017, the experimental short merges personal diary entries with anecdotes and dreams to give a meaning to a world at the time of President Trump’s inauguration. .

The Australian-French co-production is produced by Ferris via Artemis Projects, alongside Marie Berriex and Jordane Oudin of Hippocampe Productions. Also involved are editor George-Alex Nagle and sound designer Hugh Fasher.

The writer/director told IF he came up with the idea for the concept while planning another film to be shot as part of the residency, one of four awarded each year by the Power Institute. from the University of Sydney.

“That film was kind of a document about the process of being there in residency and having to come up with an idea,” he said.

“It ended up being a witness to the residency and almost a deconstruction of the creative process.”

Ferris is mostly heard and unseen in the film, his visual presence limited to passing reflections as he reveals his thoughts and feelings in the background.

He said the film’s title refers to the relationship between an individual’s inner world and outer events, such as Trump’s inauguration, and how they affect each other.

“In my case, there was no doubt that Donald Trump’s inauguration sent shivers down my spine and had this big visceral impact on me personally, in terms of where the world is going,” he said. -he declares.

“All this uncertainty and fear affects you as a person; you can’t separate yourself from those things and that’s what I ended up exploring.

Indivisible is Ferris’ third documentary after 57. and great watchers.

The founder and artistic director of the Sydney Film School says it was while shooting the first – a documentary-drama hybrid that follows the tenants of a social building in Redfern – that he became aware of the imbalance that can sometimes exist between a documentary filmmaker and their subjects, encouraging him to turn the camera on himself.

“There can be a tendency in documentaries to have this privileged position of the filmmaker in the lives of less privileged people, and then there’s this weird power dynamic that happens and that’s not a good one,” he said. -he declares.

“I wanted to make a movie where I wasn’t in a privileged position to hide and see what was going on because I was uncomfortable with that relationship from the previous movie.”

Going forward, Ferris will complete work on the five feature-length dramas he is producing with Ulysses Oliver for Breathless Films, an independent production company the couple founded last year.

Indivisible will be screened at 2:45 p.m. on Sunday February 6 at the Palace Verona as part of the Panorama section of the 10th On-Air Documentary Film Festival, which runs from February 2-13.

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