Best books for fans of “red, white and royal blue”

“One Last Stop” by Casey McQuiston

“One last stop.”



McQuiston’s second novel features August, a 23-year-old looking for a fresh start in New York City, a place that seems perfect for a cynical amateur sleuth who just wants to blend in. But not only does August find herself living with roommates who are determined to be her friends from the moment she arrives, she also can’t help but think of Jane Su, aka Subway Girl, an insanely sexy commuter she sees every time she gets on the Q train.

August is drawn to all things Jane: her love for retro punk music, her tattoos, her kindness, and her ubiquitous leather jacket. But soon, August uses his detective skills to uncover the truth about his Subway Girl: Jane is a time traveler who’s been trapped on the train since the 1970s – and she doesn’t remember anything from her life before getting on the train. .

August makes it his mission to get Jane back “when” she belongs, racing against the clock as subway repairs threaten to take her away forever. Of course, August and Jane can’t help but fall in love with each other as they try to figure out her story, and as their time together gets shorter and shorter, they’ll have to decide what to do next. are willing to sacrifice for true love. .

“One Last Stop” is a delightful story of love, but it’s also a story of eerie joy, chosen family, and the importance of being yourself told in the relatable style of McQuiston.

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