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Overplay Master and unpredictable drama, Nicholas Cage made many film lines unforgettable. Since his early career, Cage has loved working, starring prolifically in all manner of films, including well-known franchises and independent films. His methods differ from traditional actors in that his techniques are artistic and experimental, bringing attention to projects that might otherwise have been overlooked.

Recently, the Confrontation star said Initiated that the best way to describe his methods was the “new shamanism”. Using New Shamanism, Cage says “you don’t feel like you’re acting, you feel like you’re [the character].” Although alternative, this almost improvisational approach solidified the fame of many Nic Cage movie scenes and quotes. Here are the best quotes from Nicolas Cage’s movies, ranked.


11/11 Moonstruck (1988)

Nicolas Cage as Ronny in Moonstruck
MGM Communications

“Snowflakes are perfect. Stars are perfect. Not us. Not us! We’re here to ruin ourselves and break our hearts and love the wrong people and die.

80s comedy drama Dreamer sees Nicolas Cage as the love interest of an Italian-American widow, Loretta, played by Cher. Cage plays Ronny, a lonely baker and brother to Loretta’s new husband. Ronny is particularly cynical but also in love with Loretta.

Cage doesn’t quite reach his peak by overacting here, but still forms a powerful and confrontational character who delivers the line above in his declaration of love for Loretta. Loretta yearns for raw passion, love, chaos and truth and the character of Cage delivers it in this dramatic quote. If you want to get a taste of Cage’s acting lineup, Dreamer is a romantic must-have.

10/11 Raising Arizona (1987)

Nicolas Cage as HI McDunnough in Raising Arizona
20th century fox

“I’ll take those Huggies, and whatever you have.”

In 1986, the Coen brothers set out to make a crime comedy film that would feel lighter than their previous film, single blood, and came with Raising Arizona. Nicolas Cage plays a clumsy, childless ex-con named HI McDunnough who decides to steal a baby from a group of quintuplets to please his wife, an ex-cop.

Although the couple are delighted to have a child, they soon realize that the child belongs to a powerful millionaire and find themselves embroiled in an increasingly complicated situation. Cage really shows his ability to play weird characters here. In this particular scene, he portrays the nonchalant robbery of a convenience store perfectly and in a way that no other actor could.

September 11th The Rock (1996)

Nicolas Cage as Stanley Godspeed in The Rock
Buena Vista Pictures

“I got my first chemistry kit when I was seven, I blew my eyebrows, we never saw the cat again, we’ve been going ever since.”

The rockis one of Nicolas Cage’s best-known action films starring the greats Sean Connery and Ed Harris. Cage portrays an FBI agent and chemist tasked with taking down a group of rogue Marines who have taken over Alcatraz. If you want to see Cage balance a smart hero and an absurd classy clown, this is the movie for you.

Although Cage’s characteristic ridiculousness might seem out of place for a film by Michael Bay, his energetic approach adds humor and entertainment that otherwise wouldn’t be there. In The rockCage balances Connery’s serious attitude and ensures that certain scenes stand out, like this one.

8/11 Wild at Heart (1990)

Nicolas Cage as Sailor Ripley in Wild at Heart
The Samuel Goldwyn Company

“Did I ever tell you that this jacket here represents a symbol of my individuality and my belief in personal freedom?

David Lynch, director of The heart that is in Desert and known for his involvement in the TV series twin peaks, knew he wanted to cast Nicolas Cage as soon as he finished reading the original novel. Cage stars as a romantic southern ex-con, Sailor Ripley, whose rambling personality often gets her into trouble. The film follows Sailor’s relationship with her girlfriend, Lula, played by Laura Dern, and their escape from ruthless gangsters hired by Lula’s mother.

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For the majority of the film, Cage wears a feral snakeskin jacket and participates in several fistfights. Sailor and Lula are an expression of young love and the obstacles between them and personal freedom. Who better represents freedom than the performer Nicolas Cage?

7/11 City of Angels (1998)

Nicolas Cage as Seth in City of Angels
Warner Bros.

“Some things are true whether you believe them or not.”

Another exceptionally fitting role for Nicolas Cage is that of a sad angel watching over LA. City of Angels follows a lonely angel named Seth who is primarily responsible for guiding humans into the afterlife. Seth yearns to live a mortal life and has the opportunity when he falls in love with a human woman, played by Meg Ryan.

Cage delivers an unusually sweet performance as he slowly convinces Ryan’s character, an embittered doctor, that there’s more beyond human life. The film is a sweet and emotional role for Cage, but it works well and has generated positive reviews.

6/11 Con Air (1997)

Nicolas Cage as Cameron Poe in Con-Air
Buena Vista Pictures

“Sorry boss but there are only two men I trust. One of them is me. And the other is not you.

And now we come back to Nicolas Cage action thriller, who in this film again plays the role of a former convict and former US Ranger named Cameron Poe. After being paroled, Poe boards a prisoner transport plane which is then picked up by high-level inmates. Poe must work to help regain control of the plane. The film is also made interesting by stars John Cusack as the U.S. Marshal and John Malkovich as the vicious criminal named “the virus.”

Air conditioningis certainly a great mix of talent and makes for an exciting ride. The film has been named as one of Best of Cage by MovieWeb and Film for his consistent performance of a smart southern man who just wants to go home with his daughter.

5/11 Face/Off (1998)

Nicolas Cage as Castor Troy in Face Off
Paramount Pictures

“I want to remove his face…. Eyes, nose, skin, teeth. It comes off.”

Although Nicolas Cage has acted in some films as a weighted character, Front/Offis not one. In this movie, Cage certainly indulges his love for over-the-top acting alongside the infamous John Travolta. When you consider the plot, however, the exaggeration makes sense for this film. Cage plays Castor Troy, an FBI agent who surgically switches faces with a high-level criminal, played by Travolta.

The scenes of Cage’s messy screams and distorted facial expressions match those of a character who would gladly switch faces with a crazed criminal. Front/Off has since become a cult film for some of Cage’s ridiculously entertaining performances, and an action masterpiece for the direction of John Woo.

4/11 Adaptation (2002)

Nicolas Cage as Charlie and Donald Kaufman in Adaptation
Sony Pictures release

“A coffee and a muffin. Alright, so I need to establish themes. Maybe a banana nut. It’s a good muffin.

In the meta drama Adaptation, Cage plays an amorous screenwriter, (literally playing the film’s writer, Charlie Kaufman), who struggles to adapt Susan Orlean’s novel “The Orchid Thief.” Along with experiencing writer’s block and crippling anxiety, Charlie also struggles with hosting his twin brother Donald, also played by Cage. Donald decides to also become a screenwriter and the two brothers find themselves in a twisted situation with the author of the book.

This is another one of Cage’s performances where he takes odd circumstances, like two twin screenwriters, and makes it natural. Cage’s performance was praised alongside Meryl Streep as Susan Orlean and Chris Cooper as John Laroche.

3/11 The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent (2022)

Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent
Lions Gate

“I’m Nicholas FRIGGIN’ Cage!”

The action thriller The unbearable weight of massive talent is a celebration and compilation of Cage’s finest moments. In this 2022 film, Cage plays a fictionalized version of himself caught between the lenses of a superfan and a CIA agent. Along the way, Cage is sometimes guided by a younger, cockier version of himself named Nicky Cage. Nicky embodies everything Cage is well known for, including energetic, erratic movements and messy confidence.

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When Cage first received an invitation to star in the film, he said The Hollywood Reporter that he was “vaguely offended”. However, after a thoughtful letter from the film’s screenwriter, Tom Gormican, Cage changed his mind. The project will certainly be designated as one of the best works of the actor.

2/11 Kiss of Death (1995)

Nicolas Cage as Little Junior in Kiss of Death
20th century fox

“I have an acronym for myself. Bad balls, attitude, direction. You should give yourself an acronym…because it helps you visualize your goals.

In kiss of death, Nicolas Cage plays Little Junior Brown, an asthmatic and dramatic psychopath. Arrogant like Nicky in The unbearable weight of massive talent, Little Junior stole the show and was hailed by critics Roger Ebert and Kenneth Turan for his bravado. Like many of Cage’s projects, his performance solidifies the life of the film and seems to surpass the story itself.

1/11 Drive Angry (2011)

Nicolas Cage in Drive Angry
Warner Bros.

“I never undress before Gunplay.”

This action horror movie quote driving angry tops the list for its portrayal of Nicolas Cage’s career, which has been all about delivering ridiculous lines like this effortlessly. driving angry tells the story of John Milton, a man who escapes from hell and acquires Satan’s weapon to kill the cult leader who murdered his daughter. Milton is joined by the character of Amber Heard, a heartbroken waitress, to save her granddaughter who is now also in danger.

Cage was drawn to driving angry for the project’s experimentation with special effects, 3D technology and badass cars. Roger Ebert commented that the film contained “deliberate vulgarity, gross excess, and the pornography of violence”, but it fits the theme of much of Cage’s career. Nicolas Cage always pushed boundaries, created unique characters, and ensured that many of his lines would be memorable. Cage has many new projects on the way, including Renfield and Sympathy for the Devil in 2023.

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