Best Pixel 6 Pro protectors: ArmorSuit, TOCOL and LK


The Pixel 6 Pro is arguably the best device to come out of the Google think tank in recent years. With it, they re-enter the world of flagship smartphones, and the key aspects of this device, which exemplify this intention, are its curved screen, its personalized silicone and its array of cameras. And speaking of that display, Google has also removed its rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and instead has one on-screen hidden behind the display.

But as we all know, curved screens and screen protectors have been a difficult world to navigate. Add a scanner to the screen that can suffer from the number of layers between it and your finger, and you have a new recipe for disaster.

So, to make sure you can protect your device while retaining all of its features, here is our compilation of the best screen protectors available right now.

To note: This is a list that we will continue to update as new options come to market. In its current form, there are no tempered glass screen protectors in this guide.

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield

TPU Screen Protector by ArmorSuit for Pixel 6 Pro
Source: ArmorSuit

ArmorSuit’s MilitaryShield is an anti-bubble screen protector designed for Pixel 6 Pro. It uses an optically clear material with content that will keep it from turning yellow over time. The manufacturer also claims that it has a self-repair capability which can eliminate small bumps and scratches that your device may experience during daily use.

ArmorSuit also states that the screen protector is case compatible and adds that these are laser cut to ensure high levels of precision. The protector also comes in a two-pack. At the time of writing, these are the cheapest accessories on this list.

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield

The ArmorSuit MilitaryShield features a precise fit with value for money in mind,


TOCOL TPU Screen Protector for Pixel 6 Pro
Source: TOCOL

TOCOL TPU film is another flexible protector for Pixel 6 Pro which also comes with tempered glass covers for the camera array on the back. The OEM also states that the protector uses Japanese material that bounces back over a period of time, effectively hinting at a self-healing ability.

TOCOL includes an installation kit with this protector that will allow you to align the film with your screen, after which you can mix up their tutorial instructions and get the perfect fit.


TOCOL TPU Film for Pixel 6 Pro uses Japanese technology to create a product that will last for a long time.

LK Self-Healing TPU Film

Lk tpu screen protector for pixel 6 pro
Source: LK

Last on this list, right now, is the LK self-healing TPU film, the more expensive option for a few dollars. Like the previous two options, the protector has self-healing potential and scratch resistance.

Its reviews mentioned the ease of application and the included installation kit also includes a more sturdy table top to help align the protector.

Like the TOCOL, this protector also comes with two pieces of tempered glass for the rear camera lenses and films for the screen.

LK Self-Healing Film

The LK self-healing film offers the possibility of recovering scratches and has a decent application kit.

How to improve fingerprint scanner performance on Pixel 6 Pro?

To make sure you don’t leave an ounce of your Pixel 6 Pro’s ability to scan for fingerprints, be sure to perform the actions listed below.

  • Update your Pixel 6 Pro to the latest version available. Google’s November patch reports improved scanner performance.
  • Enable increased sensitivity for the in the phone display settings.
  • Re-enroll the fingerprints after applying the screen protector.

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