Best TV Series Coming to Hulu in May 2022

It’s officially the month of May. There have been great series that have come Hulu in April. Shows like The stall and The Plainview Girl wowed audiences with terrific acting and storytelling, contributing to Hulu’s already incredible catalog of critically acclaimed and award-winning shows. May will be no different as we await the arrival of more news programming to capture the imagination.

This list is a compilation of the best series that will debut on the platform. Some are Hulu exclusives, while others are shared through hit cable programming. So, as the country gradually reopens from the COVID 19 pandemic, return to the streaming service that lifted you up, broke your heart, and entertained you through more than two years of fear and uncertainty. Pandemic or not, Hulu always has what you need. Here are the best TV shows coming to Hulu in May 2022.

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The Chase Season 3 – May 4

The hit American trivia game returns next month as presented by ABC. The hunt is based on the British game show of the same name and sees a team of three answer a series of questions for money in less than a minute. The money earned by answering correctly goes into the team’s bank which can be won by any of the contestants who make it to the end. Going against the three is a knowledgeable expert called The Beast, whose role is to answer more questions than the team, preventing them from making money. The final round is a showdown with The Beast for the whole pot, but winning won’t be easy. It may seem like an unfair fight to pit three applicants against one person, but that person has degrees from three universities. If it’s an unfair fight for anyone, it’s the competitors.

Dragons: The Nine Kingdoms Season 2 — May 5

To start the month of May, we have the return of Dragons: The Nine Kingdomsthe continuation of the series How to train your dragon franchise. The first season saw the introduction of this new world and cast of characters after the flying creatures reappeared after over 1000 years. The plot of season two, as reported by Collider, will see protecting the secret of the dragon become even more difficult as Project ICARIS advances through the crack. At the same time, Jun, D’Angelo, and Alex begin to suspect that they have separate goals from Tom and Thunder as their solo missions become more frequent. In reality, Tom is on a quest to learn more about his connection to dragons and his Viking heritage. Could the information he obtains be vital to protecting the dragons, or could it put their secret at risk?

Candy – May 9

Set in 1980s Texas, Jessica Biel stars as Candy Montgomery in a new limited series based on a true story. Candy had everything: a loving husband, two beautiful children, a wonderful job and a beautiful suburban house. She went to church on Sundays and was the perfect neighbor. This is what the outside world has seen. Beneath the surface, the pressure of conformity grew within her. Somewhere along the lines, she found herself in an extramarital affair with the husband of a church friend, and somewhere after that friend was found dead. A Hulu Original, Candy depicts the shocking crime that showed the world that anyone can smash. Sometimes all it takes is pressure.

Breeders Season 3 — May 10

The FX hit series Breeders will pick up where Season 2 left off, so fans shouldn’t expect another time jump. Not much is known about what’s next for the series, but one of the series’ co-creators has confirmed that the start of the season will resolve where the previous one left off. For those who don’t remember, season two took a surprising leap forward a few years to show Paul (Martin Freeman) and Ally’s (Daisy Haggard) parenting struggles with their children at older, older ages. difficult. Paul found himself in a tense situation with his son Luke, forcing him to make a difficult decision to allow things to calm down. Dark comedy has made a name for itself by tackling the struggles of parenthood and showing that it only gets more complicated. Fans won’t have to wait long to see how things work out, but they still look forward to it.

Conversations with Friends — May 15

From the studio that made the great TV romance normal people comes a steamy new series about love, marriage and friendship. According to She, Conversations with friends, based on the book of the same name by Sally Rooney, follows best friends and former lovers Bobbi and Frances, whose bond is tested when they strike up a connection with an older married couple, Melissa and Nick. Unbeknownst to Melissa and Bobbi, Frances and Nick begin a secret romance over unexpected feelings. Although happy for a while, things quickly get complicated between the four as conflict escalates in Nick and Melissa’s marriage. Before long, Frances and Bobbi find themselves taking sides, causing a rift that can’t be so easily mended. Once again, Sally Rooney takes fans on a journey to the heart of modern love in a show that has the potential to capture and break hearts alike. normal people did.

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Queen Sugar Season 6 – May 16

Fans of the Oprah Winfrey Network drama sugar queen can watch the 6th season in its entirety when it comes across Hulu. Filmed while grappling with the COVID 19 pandemic, the creators of sugar queen got a chance to strip the sibling story down to its essentials to better focus on the characters, making for a more personal season. For those who didn’t get a chance to watch during the initial broadcast, expect to see Ralph and Darla prepare for the arrival of their new baby as Nova continues its work against political corruption. At the same time, Charley faces a difficult choice that could either hurt or heal her family.

Don’t Forget the Lyrics – May 24

The popular game show will return next month on FOX, and fans can catch the first episode on Hulu. Niecy Nash will host an all-new version of the show that challenges musical memory, with contestants heading for a grand prize of $1 million, one song at a time. Depending on the format of the game, they will choose songs from different genres, decades and artists to sing. The house band will start playing the songs for them as the lyrics show up on a teleprompter, but suddenly the music will stop and the lyrics will disappear. It is then up to the contestant to continue singing the correct lyrics. If they can recite nine songs correctly, they will receive a number 1 hit song with missing lyrics. If they get the final song lyrics correct, they win the cash prize. They don’t call it Do not forget the lyrics for nothing. No pressure, right?

MasterChef Season 12 – May 26

Be sure to tune into your favorite streamer for the premiere of Chef season 12. Fan-favorite judging trio Gordon Ramsey, Aarón Sánchez and Joe Bastianich return to submit 20 contestants to another grueling tournament for the grand prize of $250,000, a state-of-the-art Viking kitchen and of course, the title of “MasterChef”. There’s a special theme this time around, though. This season’s contestants are stars from past seasons, with two from MasterChef Junior returning for another shot at victory. If they think it will be like any other season, they are completely wrong, because reports that this has been the toughest season yet, holding each of these veterans to the highest standards in the competition’s long history.

Shoresy — May 27

If you like Letterkenny, then get ready for a new spin-off series based on one of the hit show’s most popular supporting characters. shoresy will cast Jared Keeso as the faceless face of Shoresy, the crude hockey threat. After joining a AAA hockey team in Sadbury, Ontario, the titular character vows to “never lose again.” Not easy when his new team is not the best. Not much else is known about the series except that Keeso will also serve as writer and executive producer. Jared Keeso also played Shoresy in Letterkenny, although his face has never been seen on camera. Despite this, the character has become immensely popular, inspiring the spin-off that will see Keeso do double duty.

Pistol – May 31

Based on best-selling memories Lonely Boy: Tales of a Sex Pistol by Steve Jones, Gun is the six-part origin story of the Sex Pistols seen through the lens of the band’s lead guitarist. Dirty, loud delinquents with no future found themselves at the heart of a rock and roll revolution when they came together to form one of modern music’s most prolific bands. At the center of this story, we follow founding member Steve Jones through the band’s chaotic and gritty first three years in a tale that is as hilarious as it is heartbreaking. This summer, witness the rise of the movement that challenged the government’s status quos when this series drops in full on Hulu.

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