Best War Documentaries to Watch on Netflix

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Check out the best war documentaries to watch on Netflix

Cinema often produces unfortunate reflections of some really dark time. Dark times not only look horribly beautiful, but they also become a steady ground for drama and excitement. This is probably why we are inclined to watch disturbing war movies like “Saving Private Ryan,” which is a perfect blend of war and drama. But sometimes we’re looking for something closer to reality, something that brings us closer to reality: a documentary. It might not be too dramatic as a feature film, but it goes way beyond war drama due to its portrayal of an incredibly austere and awe-inspiring reality.

There are no actors in these old pictures, but real heroes showing what it’s like to fight and live in real armed wars. It is only when we look at these pictures that we can see the true representation of the fear buried in anger, the anger buried in peace, the sadness in the forced smiles and the true character behind the realism of each one. in combat. Therefore, we present to you a compilation of Netflix documentary films that will take you on a dark real-time journey of real war scenarios that show us humanity’s most inhumane acts but also give us hope. Here is a list of some great war documentaries on Netflix that are available to stream right now.

Vietnam War

The Vietnam War is a 10-episode television series directed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns. First broadcast on PBS in 2017, it’s an epic series and without a doubt one of the best war documentaries of all time; It took over 10 years to put the whole series together.

Includes original live interviews with 79 witnesses (including those who fought and opposed the war). Burns also worked with 24,000 photos and 1,500 hours of video to make sure nothing is missing. The series consists of 10 episodes and has a total duration of over 17 hours.

Russian revolution

Though less than an hour long, this British documentary on the events of the Russian Revolution offers a fascinating and surprisingly detailed look at the growing rivalry between the Romanov and Ulyanov families.

The Romanovs had been the ruling house in Russia since the early 17th century, but Lenin and his followers were not satisfied with life under their leadership. The story ends with the abolition of the monarchy, the execution of the main Romanovs and the rise of Lenin’s Bolshevik party.

World War II in color

If you’d rather see original footage rather than talking heads, WWII in Color is the best WWII documentary you’ll find on Netflix.

The series first premiered on UK television in 2009. It combines original and digital color images, some of which have never been seen before. Robert Powell tells the whole series. Powell describes some of the other best WWII documentaries. These include Hitler’s Bodyguards, The Story of the Third Reich, and Secrets of World War II. Unfortunately, none of this is on Netflix.

World War II in Color consists of 13 episodes. They cover action along the Western Front and the Eastern Front, as well as in North Africa and the Pacific.

Knowing the historical events between 1939 and 1945, you must watch the best WWII movies on Netflix.

The age of tanks

The Age of Tanks traces the history of the tank to one of the most revolutionary creations of the 20th century.

The series begins with the story of Basil Henriques. During World War I, British soldiers became the first to command a tank in active combat and use it to open fire on enemy combatants. In the next four episodes, the series examines the use of tanks in the German Blitzkrieg, the Cold War, and the wars of the 21st century.

Five have returned

Five Come Back is an adaptation of the book of the same name. It tells the story of five famous American directors (John Ford, William Wyler, John Huston, Frank Capra and George Stevens), who all found themselves on the front lines during World War II.

Narrated by Meryl Streep, the three-part series used over 100 hours of archival footage to discuss 40 documentaries and training films the directors made to aid the war effort. Ford’s Battle of Midway, Capra’s Why We Fight, and Stevens’ Dachau draw life-changing experiences.

Die to say

In the modern age, we wouldn’t know what’s going on on the frontlines without the work of brave journalists who have risked their lives to bring us stories and images.

Dying to Tell offers a fascinating insight into the impact of work on the lives of these war journalists. We hear stories of journalists who have been kidnapped, shot down by tanks and even killed. There are interviews, invisible images and discussions with health professionals.

Directed by Hernan Zinn, the film won the “Best Documentary” award at the Montreal World Film Festival.

Medal of honor

The “Medal of Honor” is the most prestigious personal military decoration in the United States. To date, the US military has only awarded the award to 3,500 people, more than half of them during the Civil War.

This television series tells the heroic stories of eight of the recipients, with an episode dedicated to each individual. All eight represent four great battles in American history: World War II, the War in Afghanistan, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. The documentary material is a mixture of interviews, reconstructions and archival documents.

November 13: Attack on Paris

Terrorism is a type of war unlike any other. The most notable terrorist incidents in history – September 11, the Lockerbie bombing, the attacks on Norway in 2011 – will be forever etched in our collective minds.

One such incident was the Paris bombing in November 2015. 130 people were killed in a series of coordinated bombings and shootings across the city. The attack became the deadliest attack on French soil since World War II.

This three-part Netflix documentary chronicles the events of the day. It includes a chronology of proceedings and dozens of interviews with survivors and eyewitnesses.

nazi concentration camps

Of all the horrors that occurred during WWII, the Nazi concentration camps were the worst. Today, experts estimate that between 1933 and 1945, the Nazis executed or imprisoned between 15 and 20 million people.

This 1945 film opened the eyes of the world to interior scenes. Compiled from 80,000 feet of film taken by Allied military photographers after liberation, it is a field-by-field analysis of the atrocities committed.

The Allies used the film as evidence in the Nuremberg trials. Ultimately, the footage turned out to be crucial in securing convictions against several major Nazi commandos, including Karl Dönitz, Hermann Göring, Rudolf Hess, Alfred Jodl, and Wilhelm Frick.

Behind enemy lines

This is not a 2001 movie starring Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman. We’re talking about the BBC’s best documentary of the same name (also from 2001).

In 1940, the United Kingdom was in a precarious situation. Western Europe had collapsed, the Battle of Britain had spread skyward, and Hitler desperately wanted to force Churchill to sign a peace deal. In response, Churchill created Commandos, a specialized unit designed to help turn the tide of war.

This four-part documentary explores the role of the new units at four critical points in the progression of the conflict: Dunkirk, Saint-Nazar Rouge, the North African Campaign and Operation Market Garden.

Final words: the best war documentaries to watch on Netflix

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