Books like The Summer I Became Pretty

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I loved Jenny Han The summer when I became pretty trilogy when it was released over 10 years ago. The recent TV adaptation on Amazon Prime is pretty fantastic too. There’s something so classic about a summer beach romance involving a love triangle with brothers. And Belly is an incredible character who has been ignored his entire life by his brother and their summer friends, Conrad and Jeremiah. Well, until this summer when at 16 the boys start to realize that she is a girl and totally beautiful. Belly has always had a crush on Conrad. But now it looks like Jeremiah might have a crush on her. They’re just a home of teenage longing and angst and all the drama that makes for an amazing summer story.

If you also liked the books or the series (or both!) these books like The summer when I became pretty will help eliminate summer romance itch. They’re full of summer love, beach vibes, ice cream jobs, love triangles, and so many sunset kisses. Some are funnier like romantic comedies and others are more emotional and atmospheric. But all will be perfect for your reading plans at the beach, poolside or indoors throughout the summer. Enough blah from me. Here are 10 books like The summer when I became pretty. I hope you enjoy!

Books like The Summer I Became Pretty

Zyla & Kai by Kristina Forest

Can a summer romance survive the school year? Zyla and Kai meet over the summer when they both work in the games section of an amusement park. Both have reasons to resist a relationship. Zyla is a cynical lover who remembers her parents’ marriage falling apart. Kai is a real romantic, but his aunt and uncle asked him to take a break to focus on his college goals. But the pair have undeniable chemistry and can’t stay away from each other…until the romance turns sour and the two go their separate ways. But then, on their senior trip to the Poconos Mountains, the two disappear in the middle of the storm. Told from alternate perspectives between their entire romance and their friends and family trying to figure out what’s going on in the Poconos, this story is romantic, emotional, and mysterious.

Cool blanket for summer

Cool for the summer by Dahlia Adler

For sweet romance and a summery beach vibe, read this dual-timeline book. In the present, Lara begins her senior year and begins dating the guy she’s had a crush on since all of high school. But in flashbacks, it’s a new girl in a small seaside town who falls in love with her mother’s boss’ daughter, Jasmine. When Jasmine surprises Lara by transferring her to her high school, these two timelines and two sides of herself are on a collision course. She always, always wanted to be with Chase. But she can’t forget her perfect summer with Jasmine.

Our way to always cover

Our way to forever by Nina Moreno

Neighbors Lou and Sam were inseparable when they were children. But then came college. And since then, Sam has been busy with the popular kids. While Lou prefers to stay home and spend time with his family or write fanfiction. But there’s something special about the summer before senior year. It feels like anything can happen. When Lou finds an old to-do list that she and Sam made for each other when they were kids, she decides it’s time to start crossing things off the list. And, surprisingly, Sam decides to join her for each.

The Charmed List book cover

The charmed list by Julie Abe

Ellie spent most of high school as a quiet, shy girl. But this summer, she wants all that to change. It therefore creates an anti-wallflower list. Things are going very well. Until #4. What begins as a plan to get revenge on her nemesis and former best friend Jack, turns into a road trip down the California coast together. Their destination is a magical convention. But along the way, Ellie realizes how much she’s missed dating Jack. And their relationship changes in ways she never could have expected.

Stay Sweet book cover

stay soft by Siobahn Vivian

This summer book is fiercely feminist and depicts first love. The author is also good friends with jenny hanso how much closer to The summer when I became pretty could you get? Since 1944, summer in Sand Lake has been synonymous with ice cream for the girls who work at Meade Creamery. It’s 17-year-old Amelia’s turn to be the manager of the ice cream shop. But when owner and founder Molly dies suddenly, the future of the iconic boutique is in jeopardy. And when Molly’s great-nephew, Grady, arrives to help keep the business going, Amelia feels torn between her allegiance to the girls, her love of the ice cream shop, and her new summer crush.

book cover of Where I Left You

where I left you by Julian Winters

Ready for a summer romance with Pride, fandom and lots of games? Isaac makes a plan to spend the best summer of his life with his best friend Diego. They’re going to go to Teen Pride and a Comic Con event and everything will be perfect before different post-graduation plans tear them apart. But when Issac’s former crush stops him from buying tickets, Diego’s feelings are hurt. A love triangle between the three boys dominates this story of friends to lovers.

melt with you book cover

Melt with you by Jennifer Dugan

Last summer, best friends Fallon and Chloe met and it ruined everything. A series of misunderstandings led them to separate. And now they haven’t spoken in a year since Chloe left for college. The problem is that their mothers are co-owners of an ice cream business where the two girls work together. A job opportunity for their mothers means Fallon and Chloe have to take over the summer festival schedule through an ice cream truck trip. The will that they won’t have energy in this story is strong. But it also examines how two people can have completely different stories about the same relationship.

Book cover of What I thought was true

what i thought was true by Huntley Fitzpatrick

This summertime romance is a bit older, but it’s one of my favorites and the beach vibes remind me so much The summer when I became pretty. Gwen is the daughter of fishermen and maids who has a love/hate relationship with the small coastal island town she lives in. Cass is a wealthy mainlander who broke Gwen’s heart and ruined her reputation during the school year. Gwen wants nothing to do with Cass, but for some reason he hires a construction worker at the same place where Gwen works as a maid. Gwen realizes she may not have the full story of what happened with Cass. And as their relationship resumes, Gwen must decide what kind of future she wants.

Overcome Max Cooper book cover

Overcome Max Cooper by Marcelle Karp

Sixteen-year-old Jazz Jacobs has a job picking up ice cream (because at least 70% of YA summer romances have to involve ice cream) on Fire Island. This book is full of crushes, drama between friends and beach parties. Jazz has a crush on Leo, the new surfer on the island this year. But her pursuit of romance upsets her best friend Macy who isn’t done with her ex from last summer, the eponymous Max Cooper.

another book cover now

Another now by Sarah Everett

If you love a love triangle with brothers then this will be your favorite of all books like The summer when I became pretty. Jessi has always felt more comfortable with the Cohen family than her own. Rowan has been her best friend and Luke, her older brother, has always watched over them. But when romance develops with one of the Cohen boys and their mother is diagnosed with cancer, everything changes. It’s been a year since she left next door and Rowan no longer speaks to her. But now Luke wants her to pretend to be his girlfriend for the last summer of his mother’s life. And Jessi’s desire to be part of their family is too strong for her to resist the ridiculous fake dating plan.

I hope you like these books like The summer when I became pretty. If not, I guess you can read the book series or watch it again for the second or third or maybe even the fourth time. You might also get more YA ideas for love books like The summer when I became pretty looking at this love book list for teens or this 2022 summer reading list.

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