Britain’s biggest family, the Radfords, show off their new ‘mini bus’

If you think you have a busy family, imagine having 22 kids to transport – that’s why this mom is now riding a “mini bus”.

With 22 children in tow, Sue and Noel Radford undoubtedly struggle to transport their exceptional offspring from A to B.

But the mum of Britain’s largest family today revealed that she picked up a late Christmas present – a mini bus.

Sue shared a photo of herself holding the keys to the bus to the family Instagram account with the caption: “Just took our new family minibus.”

The couple are believed to have bought the nine-seater Renault Trafic, which sells for £ 34,850 (A $ 65,000), The sun reports.

It comes just months after Sue was treated to a chic new Range Rover for her 46th birthday from husband Noel in March and shared snaps of the black car, which cost more than £ 30,000 (A $ 55,000 ).

The excited mom wrote on Instagram, “Happy birthday to me. I am incredibly lucky to have such an amazing husband who works so hard for all of us.

“I love you @noelradford.”

Noel then revealed in August that the family had switched their Range Rover Discovery to something “greener.”

He confirmed on Instagram that they now own a Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid Quarzite, which can cost over £ 80,000 (A $ 148,000).

In September, Sue revealed how she handled the pickup and drop-off of the kids at school.

With eight of her children attending four different schools, the mother said she had no choice but to prepare for their morning routines in advance.

On their Instagram account “theradfordfamily”, the two parents provide an overview of their busy schedules and how they are organizing.

In one of their latest posts, the couple uploaded a photo of folded school uniforms, school shoes and water bottles.

“And just like that, the summer vacation is over. So sad they’re going back to school tomorrow, but we had the best summer vacation, ”Sue captioned the post.

In the Channel 4 documentary 22 children and that counts, Sue and Noel also discuss how working life can be Britain’s biggest family.

“We have to sort out the uniforms that we get once a year and the dreaded shoe bill,” Sue said.

“Sometimes you can reuse a PE kit because it still fits them from the previous year, but definitely not the uniforms, they just get a little faded.”

The uniform bill costs the couple around £ 418 (A $ 780) per year. Despite the cost and chaos of two school runs each morning, Sue is happy when her children are in school.

“I think it’s good for them to get back to normalcy in their life,” she says.

“They need their friends and their education, they need to get back to their routine. “

The Radfords, who live in a former 10-bed retirement home, often show off their millionaire lifestyle on Instagram.

This includes an outdoor cinema, TV bed, and plenty of family getaways.

On the show, Sue also revealed that they spent £ 1million (AU $ 1.8million) raising their large brood and that she has been 16 and a half years pregnant.

Sue and Noel are the parents of Chris, 32, Sophie, 28, Chloe, 26, Jack, 24, Daniel, 22, Luke, 21, Millie, 20, Katie, 19, James, 18 years old Ellie, 16, Aimee, 15, Josh, 14, Max, 13, Tillie, 11, Oscar, 10, Casper, 9, Hallie, 6, Phoebe, 5, Archie, 4 years old, Bonnie, 3 years old and Heidie, 1 years old.

Sadly, the couple’s 17th child, Alfie, was stillborn on July 6, 2014.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been reprinted with permission

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