Bruce Willis’ body will be a game changer


Bruce Willis sold his body to a deep fake corporation, which means we’ll get more Die Hard quality sequels long after he’s dead.

Bruce Willis’ digital twin

His “Double digitalas they cynically call the process could happen in movies, commercials and probably much more for decades. And this is going to be a very tempting offer for video game companies.

Imagine, if you will, a catalog of living and dead stars that you can download from the Internet for a license fee and star in your sci-fi action adventure. Damn, link it to all the media platforms. Make a movie, music video, and porn parody on top of that.

You don’t have to deal with drama, you don’t have to spend hours explaining that video games aren’t just Pong and Space Invaders anymore. You have a set of digital files, and suddenly Humphrey Bogart, Bruce Willis, and Brittany Murphey take the universe by storm.

This is all just exaggerated conjecture. There’s no doubt that Willis was able to come up with a long list of do’s and don’ts when selling his digital likeness. It won’t end up in a Die Hard: The Porno.

But before, it was science fiction. Today it’s a scientific fact, and it’s only a matter of time before we start to see the impact.

Bruce Willis – Video Game Star

We can talk for hours about the impact this could have on the future of acting. Why hire a newcomer if you can have Leonardo DiCaprio in every movie from now until eternity? Why bother creating original characters if you can click a few buttons and have today’s hottest stars like the cast of Final Fantasy or Metal Gear Solid? Oscar Issac plays Snake in the movie? There’s no reason – pending the sale of his digital twin – that he can’t play Snake in the game, and in every subsequent adaptation as well.

These are not necessarily major problems, by the way. In fact, I would say it was completely the opposite. For every negative, there is a positive.

But nonetheless, it’s going to take some getting used to. We’ve seen this before with Rogue One, when the dead were seemingly brought back to life. This technology has only gotten better.

And yet, in a few decades, it could become commonplace. As our greatest heroes die, their likeness will endure. Their digital twin will do bigger and better things than the actors could ever achieve in life.

Bruce Willis is the first big name among many others, and he will also be the perfect guinea pig. Much of how things play out will be based on his contract, which obviously hasn’t been made public.

Willis will be the poster child for this. He’ll pop up wherever the fake company can let him, and if it’s not video games, it’ll only be a matter of time until someone’s digital scans make the jump.

But be prepared to take the good with the bad – it’s going to be a bumpy few years.

Mat Growcott is a longtime member of the gaming press. He’s written two books and a web series, and doesn’t have enough time to play the games he writes about.

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