Camila Mendes’ 6 Best Performances, Ranked


Born of Brazilian parents, Camila Mendes grew up in Atlanta, but mostly spent her life in Florida. With a keen interest in the world of the arts, Mendes completed a fine arts program and graduated from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Starting with an IKEA commercial, the actress managed to land the coveted role of Veronica Lodge on The CW’s Riverdale right after, which would help him make a name for himself around the world.

Despite her growing success, Mendes faced both racism and sexism in Hollywood. More importantly, she always manages to stay grounded and humble. Recently, she starred in the Netflix hit Revengealongside Maya Hawke, who seems to be strengthening her position in the acting world. That being said, let’s look at Camila Mendes’ six best performances, ranked.


6/6 The New Romantic (2018)

Written and directed by Carly Stone, The New Romantic is a Canadian romantic comedy-drama starring Jessica Barden in the lead role. It revolves around a journalism student who gets attention after writing a column about her experience as a sugar baby. Mendes also plays another sugar baby who is interviewed for the paper column and ends up befriending the main girl. Although the film received a limited release, it received positive reviews and praise for its acting performances. He discusses the difference between being a sugar baby and sex work, and how sexual intimacy plays into it all.

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5/6 The Perfect Date (2019)

Based on the novel Replacing by Steve Bloom, The perfect date is a teen romantic comedy from Netflix. Directed by Chris Nelson and starring Noah Centineo as Brooks, it tells the story of a high school student, who needs money for his dream college, decides to sell himself as a boyfriend” more a” for who needs it. this. Although he plays a fake boyfriend on some occasions, he has his eyes on the snobby Shelby (Mendes), who, after finding out about his job, completely loses interest in him. The film caught the public’s attention as it was viewed by 48 million households in its first four weeks of release. Although it’s labeled as a typical romantic comedy, what sets it apart from others in the same category is its endearing lead actors who drive the story forward.

4/6 Riverdale (2017 – Present)

Based on the characters from Archie Comics, although it started out as a detective series for teens, Riverdale turned into a supernatural horror series. The CW TV show is precisely what helped Mendes make a name for himself in the acting world, with his lead performance by former it-girl Veronica Lodge. The last (sixth) season, by Collider, is a far cry from the first season which revolved around a teenager who was mysteriously murdered, which forced other teenagers to get involved in the case. Although the show was something of a joke on social media, with all of the unexpected and out-of-context events happening on it, Veronica has remained the audience’s favorite character to this day. She is sassy, ​​seductive and her own person. We’ll see what the seventh season finale has in store for him.

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3/6 Coyote Lake (2019)

Directed and written by Sara Seligman, Coyote Lake is a psychological thriller starring Mendes, Charlie Weber and Adriana Barraza in the lead roles. The plot centers on a woman named Teresa and her daughter Ester, who live outside of society, run a guesthouse where they drug and kill visitors. However, when two drug dealers come to stay at the lodging, Ester sees a way to finally escape her overbearing mother. It’s a movie that really allowed Mendes to show off her acting skills. It has clean cinematography, excellent acting even outside of Mendes, and the plot remains intriguing until the end. Ester’s character is completely on the opposite end of the spectrum compared to Veronica in Riverdaleand it provides space for Mendes to show the complexity of his skills as an actor.

2/6 Revenge (2022)

We have to mention Mendes’ most recent project which was released on Netflix last September: Revenge. Directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the film is a dark teen comedy starring Mendes and Maya Hawke in the lead roles of Drea and Eleanor. After being rejected by their peers, they decide to join forces and pursue all those who have harmed them. What some of you may not know is that the concept was loosely inspired by Hitchcock Strangers on a train. It focuses on the bad side of women, those who decide to take matters into their own hands and freely express their feminine rage. Despite all the praisethe film received dissatisfied reactions from audiences for completely ignoring the actresses’ chemistry and not making their relationship romantic.

1/6 Palm Springs (2020)

Directed by Max Barbakow, Palm Springs is a sci-fi romantic comedy starring Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti and JK Simmons in the lead roles. It’s about strangers who meet at a wedding in Palm Springs, only to find themselves stuck in a time loop. Mendes plays the wedding bride and a half-sister to main character Sarah (Milioti). The film was highly praised for the cast’s performances, as well as an excellent execution of the concept. It focuses heavily on nihilism and the difficulty of finding purpose when your life repeats itself over and over again. It will definitely make you cry, but in a good way.

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