Captivating and engaging narrative of real events

Mountaineering films tend to recount the life-and-death struggles of mountaineers and their struggle to conquer the peaks in question. Broad Peak sets its sights on a narrative that tries to quickly span decades by telling the story of a Polish mountaineer – Maciej Berbeka, whose life ended in tragedy.

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Broad Peak is a retelling of mountaineering history

With Broad Peak, Netflix takes mountaineering to a new level by combining true stories, awe-inspiring shots of beautiful and deadly mountains, and an intriguing cast. A film about his life is a reminder of how he was able to push boundaries and beyond in pursuit of adventure and new experiences.

At the same time, it’s also a thought-provoking reminder of the risks of mountaineering through a gripping story that opens our eyes to the physical and emotional toll the sport takes on athletes.

When many climbers chose safe and easy lines, Broad Peak (8,047 meters) inspired the Polish team to tackle a dangerous ascent of a large wall. Their story of daring climbing “à la alpine” – without an oxygen tank or fixed ropes – is exciting and unexpected. “Above the familiar world there was nothing but uncertainty.”

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An expedition that revealed the facts of Broad Peak

It is a modern story of Polish mountaineering that is not often told. This film is no ordinary documentary; its aim was to understand and explain the nature of the expedition with its many twists and turns, then to show how after reaching the summit, the two climbers decided to pursue another adventure by descending the north face, giving the public a overview of what it takes to make such expeditions characterized by bad weather a success.

Broad Peak

Broad Peak is a gripping character-driven drama with an entertaining and introspective look at friendship, escalation, death and fate. The depiction of suffering and raw mountaineering will make you want to get out and climb your mountain.

When you are done with Broad Peak, you will better understand how things were in the days of mountaineering and how it fits into the scheme of things. I’m a huge fan of documentaries as a genre of film, so finding out that this film was based on events that happened led me to watch this film expecting to be moved.

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Broad Peak portrays one of the most seasoned climbers

This film explores the themes of friendship, deception, loss and the desecration of climbing Mount Everest. It offers us a glimpse into the psyche of the explorers and mountaineers drawn to these peaks without excusing the human weaknesses revealed. It forces us to ask ourselves why we are drawn to extremes and what motivates us as individuals to seek risk. It also suggests that there is no excuse for our mistakes and no room for blame when things go wrong.

There’s nothing quite like seeing it on the big screen when it comes to mountaineering. Whether it’s a documentary, a biopic, or a fictionalized depiction of the pursuit of fame, mountaineering on the big screen takes us to places we may never go. At this moment, Broad Peak demonstrates the value of a slow-paced film dedicated to mountain lovers.

Review of Broad Peak: gripping and engaging account of real events

Broad Peak follows the transformation of a young man who embarks on a challenge as formidable as it is dangerous: to climb Everest in winter. What makes this film different and more compelling than many other climbing images is the superb technique, artistry and psychological insight into the motivations and character arc of climbers.

Rock climbing is a rarity in filmmaking, as even its closest relative, mountaineering, has an unarticulated history of making movies on film. In some ways this is understandable; there are few places to shoot and few dramatic highlights. Party progress to a peak is rarely so spectacular that cameras could be considered standard equipment. But in the annals of cinema, the first expedition got it right: the human drama is in the human heart and mind rather than in the environment the characters must conquer.

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Stream it or skip it?

Mountaineering as it was, this film is a masterclass in efficiency. The bluish patina in which this film is illuminated like an old photograph evokes this distant view. This film offers a truthful depiction of men and mountains, as opposed to romantic portrayals more commonly presented as representative of the Everest route. So this gripping drama is a must if you love photography, mountaineering or any other extreme sport. And it also happens to be available on Netflix!

Broad Peak is streaming on Netflix.

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