CHRIS KENNY promises to reveal ‘The Truth’ about your ABC in new investigative documentary tonight on SKY NEWS


As the ABC turns 90, Sky News Australia’s commentator asks questions only he can answer…

As one of the country’s most revered and important cultural institutions celebrates its 90e anniversary, Sky News will explore the role of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in modern Australia with a new hour-long investigation Your ABC exposed.

Presenter and Associate Editor of Sky News Australia at The Australian, Chris Kenny will examine the origin, purpose and performance of the national broadcaster, its contribution to public debate and whether this taxpayer-funded service reinforces national unity or division.

The ABC says it’s “Your ABC” but who is really in charge of this billion-dollar-a-year broadcast giant?

Chris Kenny said:

“As it turns 90, it’s time to ask whether the ABC is still fit for purpose. Taxpayers foot the bill to run the country’s biggest broadcaster every year, but is it actually serving Australians traditional?

This documentary asks if the public broadcaster unites the country, as it is supposed to do, or rather often divides us.

Your ABC exposed talks to current and former ABC employees, including ABC’s CEO david andersonformer ABC newscaster and staff-elected ABC board director Quentin Dempster, former CEO of ABC Jonathan Shier, and former ABC board member and columnist at The Australian Janet Albrechtsen.

The hour-long special will also feature interviews with key political figures, including the Minister of Communications Michelle Rowland, Shadow Minister of Communications Sarah Henderson and former Minister of Communications and the Arts Richard Alston.

Chris Kenny is a journalist and commentator who has reported on politics and national affairs for over three decades.

His first television role was with the ABC 7.30 Report in Adelaide, he worked in print, radio and television nationally and was a guest commentator a few times on ABC television programmes, Insiders and Questions and answers.

A former chief of staff to then Foreign Secretary Alexander Downer and later Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull, Kenny joined Sky News in 2015 and hosted the weekly Kenny on the media and now The Kenny Report weeknights at 5:00 p.m. AEST.

YOUR ABC EXPOSED – premieres Tuesday July 26 at 8pm AEST on Sky News Australia. Watch on Foxtel and Sky News Regional or stream on Flash.

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