DeFi Growth Continues to Record New Highs as Metax CEO Sees Huge Market Opportunity for His New MTX Exchange

While the first quarter of 2022 was a tough quarter for nearly all risk assets, decentralized finance (DeFi) remained resilient throughout the volatility. Although Total Value Locked (TVL), which is the face value of crypto assets deposited under defined DeFi protocols, has lost around a third of its value at its January low, the asset class is approaching again. new heights. Metax Holdings Ltd. CEO Miro Kolesar sat down with us to discuss the macro market and how his business is doing in these boom times.

Metax Group Limited, which is an international financial conglomerate with a mission of financial innovation, has focused on technology financing, business expansion and global digital asset allocation. The CEO said: “We are committed to providing users with a complete, secure, efficient and free financial and ecological platform with exchanges, public chains, DAO, DeFi, wallets, quantitative funds, asset management digital and many other applications.

In the modern DeFi space, the CEO of Metax is focused on designing a futuristic distributed financial infrastructure to connect and exchange value between different blockchain networks in a decentralized way. Miro Colesar, the CEO, strongly believes that the team can create a financial system that no longer relies on a centralized approach, with multiple types of assets moving freely through different chains.

MTX Exchange, which is Metax Group’s key product offering in the DeFi space, has been at the heart of the group’s ecosystem in its vision to enter the digital asset landscape, with two major licenses in the United States MSB, Cayman Islands. The exchange would generate revenue through contractual capital management documentaries, quantitative trading, and joint market capitalization.

The CEO said, “MTX Exchange will operate as a digital asset service that supports various settlements between parties and provides direct transactions between people. Institutions or individuals from different countries can buy, sell and exchange other digital currencies or legal currencies (such as US dollars or Euros).

MTX Exchange offers a trading interface like general stock trading, which has a K-line chart and technical analysis interface and can also suspend trading reservation orders. It is similar to the stock market operation method and easy to use.

The exchange will have several features which include:

  • Transactions without borders

  • Consumer Currency Exchange

  • Investing in Financial Management Defi

Approaching the future with a robust, trustless and decentralized exchange

In the mission to build a secure, online, intelligent and decentralized inclusive digital financial services system to provide convenient, safe and reliable financial services to the global public, the future of MTX Exchange is full of challenges, but Miro Kolesar has full confidence and certainty in the ecosystem. After nearly 30 years of involvement in the financial landscape, he has long understood how the entire ecosystem and system works, not to mention that at the time of change, combining finance with blockchain technology which he has long sought.

Miro Kolesar insists on developing a scenario-based financial infrastructure with advanced technological capabilities, strengthening core competitiveness, and building a comprehensive MTX financial ecosystem. Combined with various financial products around the world to build an MTX trading platform, providing quality assurance for DeFi financial products through intelligent documentary and smart asset matching, and solving the pain points of difficulties in investment and returns for retail investors, so that everyone can benefit from financial services.

In the strategic context of diversified development, Miro Kolesar’s exploration of inclusive finance innovation has never ceased. Thanks to the team’s superior technical capabilities and level of risk control, as well as the attraction and control of high-quality targets, Miro Kolesar will continue to integrate financial ecology into application scenarios. with data capabilities and a technology cycle, empower partners and platforms, and build a new high place of value.

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