Dinosaurs alive! opens Friday at the Topeka Zoo

TOPEKA (KSNT) – Dinosaurs alive! opens Friday at the Topeka Zoo.

“We had artists sculpt them individually under the supervision of scientists. That’s why they are the only robots in the world that are as precise as science knows. Don Lessem, creator of Dinosaurs Alive!

“I have about 400 of them, most of them not in my living room, and they’re in about 20 zoos around the world. I’ve been doing this for four years. I’ve been digging real dinosaurs all over the world, working on movies like Jurassic Park, and I was frustrated with all those crummy robots, so I started building them the right way. Everyone’s as real as we know them,” says Lessem

Topeka Zoo’s new spring and summer exhibit is DINOSAURS ALIVE! This new dinosaur exhibit features life-size animatronic dinosaurs that move and make sounds like the creatures that once roamed the planet! Zoo visitors can experience different time periods, admire the scale of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and learn about “modern dinosaurs” still living today.

The lifelike creatures were created by Don Lessem of Dino Don Inc. With every entry to the zoo you get access to the dinosaur experience. There will also be educational activities at the camp and dig site.

Don Lessem is an explorer, writer, exhibitor and television presenter and one of the world’s leading popular dinosaur presenters – via his advice on Jurassic Park and Disney films and theme parks, giant dinosaur digs, exhibits tours, expeditions, 52 books and TV documentaries NOVA and DISCOVERY CHANNEL.

Mr. Lessem is a graduate animal behaviorist and former Knight Journalism Fellow at MIT and science correspondent for the Boston Globe. He and his wife, Valerie Jones, live in a 1784 Philadelphia-area mansion surrounded by the original dinosaurs from the movie The Jurassic Park.

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