Director’s Latest Film Locates The Woman Under The Crown – Original Film


With no narration, and with each chapter moving in time, the film feels like a hodgepodge. But there is a method to madness. It’s an unusually structured but well-crafted film. Indeed, Michell and Crickmay achieve something quite remarkable. Without losing the sense of formality and tradition surrounding the British monarchy, we get a sense of Elizabeth, the royal and the woman, the one who took the post of queen, committed herself to it and has, over the decades, continually serving the people of the Commonwealth.

The film repeatedly shows the Queen traveling the world, sitting at ceremonies, greeting people in the crowd, always with her full attention. Always the same; quiet restraint and dignity. It also briefly touches on family scandals.

But she is unwavering, continuing the work she started 70 years ago. It’s a pretty wonderful way to look at this stoic woman who has dedicated herself to the job and is loved by millions.

And a note: This is the latest film from director Roger Michell, who has made films including To change of way, lasting love, Notting Hilland Peter O’Toole’s latest film Venusand documentaries including Nothing like a lady. Michell completed the final mix on Elizabeth: A portrait in part(s)and died later that day of a heart attack at the age of 65.

Elizabeth: a portrait in part(s). Directed by Roger Michell, editing by Joanna Crickmay. In theaters May 25 (morning) and May 28 (evening).

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