Disney +: 10 Collections True Fans Should Check Out


Disney + is, far from the truth, a Disney lover’s dream come true. With nearly all of the studio’s best and brightest under one streaming platform, fans of their movies and TV shows have more than the lion’s share of original content to choose from. That being said, there is still a lot to take in and it can be difficult to decide where to start.

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Luckily for fans of all the magic and Mickey Mouse, the service has several collections of movies and shows that will suit any fan’s specific tastes. It’s more than a handful of cinematic selections.

Mickey and his friends

Mickey Mouse shaking hands with shadow

Walt has always said it all started with a mouse, so it makes perfect sense that Mickey, Minnie, and all of their cartoon friends have a whole collection of their work dedicated to them on Disney +. From his classic cartoons to some more modern favorites, everything that features Mickey and the gang can be found in one collection.


All of Willie Steamboat at Mickey Mouse World is here in full screen, but Mickey isn’t the only one stepping into the action. Show as Goof Troop, Ducktales, and more are included in the collection as well, along with a handful of feature films with Mickey and the rest of his friends in lead roles.

Disney Channel Original Movies

For some, this collection will certainly be a coincidence depending on their age group. However, Disney finalists will be happy to know that almost every original Disney Channel movie can be found in one selection. With musicals, sports dramas and goofy comedies galore, there’s no denying the variety of the collection.

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With classics like Underwraps, Luck of the Irish, and The thirteenth year, with more modern additions like Descendants, Zapped, and Cloud 9, the collection is primarily aimed at those who grew up with the movies or still have a taste for that special brand of Disney TV movies.

The Disney Parks Collection

It doesn’t matter if their home park is in Anaheim or Orlando, the Disney Parks Collection has an extensive list of movies, shows and specials focused on the happiest places on the planet. Whether fans are looking to prepare for an upcoming trip to the parks or just want to learn as much as possible about their favorite attractions, there will be no shortage of gear to dive in.

The collection features films inspired by the parks such as the recently released Jungle cruise as well as a wide selection of documentaries inspired by Disney such as Behind the attraction and The story of the imagination for fans to get their magic fix outside of the parks. It’s definitely a great way to start a countdown for Disney.

Landscape atmosphere

For those who need a moment of mindfulness with an extra touch of magic, Disney + has more than a few treats for those looking to find their zen. The titles in this collection are more of a sensory experience or visual meditation than a narrative or documentary feature, but they put a new emphasis on familiar material like Disney movies and parks.

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Fans can wake up to the sunrise over Disney parks, take a meditative moment with sound effects from animated films, or find tranquility in a galaxy far, far away. It’s definitely a new way to see and experience your favorite movies and characters.

The collection of puppets

Muppets now

When it’s time to play some music or turn on the lights, viewers can’t go wrong by donating a watch to the Muppets Collection. Jim Henson’s fur and felt creatures and creations have always had a particularly specialized audience, but now casual and die-hard fans can enjoy the antics of Kermit and his company from the comfort of their couch.

Of course, the recently added and talked about Muppets show There are reruns available, but so are all movies and spinoffs that feature characters like Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, and more. This collection might only appeal to a certain fan base, but there is still a lot to love if fans are willing to laugh.


Disney us again court

The Disney company has started making animated shorts, so it might be a good idea to check out a few more modern additions to this legacy as well. Of course, the collection features Disney classics like Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and the Silly Symphonies, but it also includes several contemporary cartoons.

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Fans of Pixar’s work will certainly want to browse and find their favorites, as well as anyone who appreciates the animation medium. Simply put, there is something for everyone in this cartoon collection.

Marvel: the infinity saga

Any MCU fan will be happy with a Disney + membership, but if they’re looking to tackle the main storyline that brings everyone together, they should check out The Infinity Saga. Containing the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s the perfect starting point for fans just getting involved or those just looking to re-educate themselves with the material.

Starting with Iron Man and go all the way End of Game, the collection features nearly every Marvel movie in chronological order leading up to the dramatic conclusion of phase three. It is ideal for those who want to experience Marvel in its entirety.

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Skywalker Saga art for movies on Disney +

Considered by many to be one of the most unforgettable cinematic stories ever told, The Skywalker Saga introduces each main chapter of the Star wars series of phantom menace at The Rise of Skywalker, basically the backbone of the famous franchise. From humble beginnings on Tatooine to a great and glorious Battle of Exegol, viewers will see this galaxy’s brightest stars from afar.

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Practically compulsory supervision for all levels of Star wars fan, this collection contains the three trilogies concerning the ways of the Force. From Anakin to Luke to Kylo and Rey, viewers will be treated to three generations of adventure and wonder in this beloved series.

Walt Disney Animation Studios Collection

A logo for Walt Disney Animation Studios with four famous characters

The term “must watch” has certainly been used for many movies on the streaming service, but when it comes to collections, no Disney fan worthy of the name should miss this one. Comprised of nearly every animated feature film released by Walt Disney Pictures, the studio’s artistry and imagination are all captured and contained in one collection.

From White as snow at Encanto, every animated feature is there and ready to watch. In addition to a few short films and originals, the collection features a plethora of beloved stories and characters to entertain any viewer of any age. After all, no one is ever too old for a classic Disney movie.

Disney through the decades

A sample of films broadcast on Disney Through The Decades

The Walt Disney Animation Studios collection might have been for true fans, but Disney Through The Decades is for diehard fans. The collection contains a selection of films, shorts and series from the studio’s early days. If a Disney fan is serious about learning the history of the brand, this is the best place to start.

Whether starting with the black and white cartoons of Mickey Mouse or simply diving into their favorite decade, fans young and old will find something to cherish and enjoy in this incredibly diverse assortment.

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Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man

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