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This stylish and thrilling cat-and-mouse drama from Estonia is inspired by real-life spy scandals. Alfred is a civil servant at the Ministry of Defense, all pissed off by office politics and a tangled personal life. A combination of angst and umbrage leads him to agree to work for the Russian secret services. Major Arrak is a determined young Estonian counter-intelligence officer who pursues Alfred’s tail. It is 2004, Estonia is about to join NATO and neighboring Russia is watching the situation very closely.

Spy drama in six episodes Traitor premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS on request.

Maxwell’s House

British media mogul Robert Maxwell and his family are forever linked to the scandal. This comprehensive yet concise BBC documentary spans five decades, exploring the exponential rise and dramatic fall of the Maxwell dynasty. Covering scandals such as mysterious deaths and criminal trials, to the recent conviction of sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell, the three-parter tells the staggering story of this notorious family and reflects on changing societal attitudes towards money, sex and power.

Maxwell’s House premieres exclusively in Australia at 8:30 p.m. on SBS and SBS On Demand on Thursday, June 16. Episodes air weekly.

A class apart

Class is in session at Sweden’s most elite boarding school. But only super-rich kids can hope to join the top-secret Zebra Club. The day after two potential members are hazing, one ends up dead. Encountered with the silence of the school community, accusing eyes turn to the children of public schools. When one of her underprivileged students is accused, Sara Boden (Aliette Opheim, Patriot, Courage) is unleashed on social media, prompting the exclusive school to offer him a job to appease the critics. Seizing a chance to bring down the power structure from within, Sara agrees. This is a thrilling eight-part drama from the masters of television.

A class apart premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming at SBS on request.

You won’t lie

From Spain comes this drama with a twist. It starts with a sex scandal – a video is leaked, revealing high school teacher Macarena having an affair with a student. Her reputation is shattered, but she also becomes the prime suspect when a body winds up at the base of the cliffs of the idyllic coastal town where her life falls apart. Irene Arcos, whom SBS viewers might recognize The pierplays the role of Macarena.

You won’t lie premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming on SBS On Demand.


In Paris, teenager Léa runs away from home when her parents try to divert her attention from nightclubs and focus on her studies. She throws herself into the arms of Nico, a rapper who wants her in his music videos. She falls in love with him and he takes advantage of her romantic state. How can Léa’s parents get her back when she’s obsessed with Nico, blinding her to her shady dealings? This heart-pounding French-Canadian drama is packed with great performances, including from Sylvie Testud (Life in pink) as Léa Isabelle’s mother and Romane Jolly as Léa.

Fugue premieres exclusively in Australia at SBS On Demand on Thursday, June 30.

Algiers Confidential

In this thrilling spy drama set in modern-day Algeria, a German police investigator is sent to Algiers in search of two fellow countrymen – arms dealers – who have been kidnapped. Starting a torrid affair with an Algerian prosecutor investigating the case for his country probably wasn’t the best idea, but as the pair delve deeper, they uncover a corruption scandal testing their loyalty to their nations and to each other. the other. There are plenty of subplots and mysteries to unravel to keep you hooked on this German-in-French production.

Algiers Confidential premieres exclusively in Australia and is now streaming on SBS On Demand.

The unusual suspects

If you haven’t figured it out yet, this four-part Australian drama is an entertaining and satisfying must-watch, with all-female leads, played by Miranda Otto, Michelle Vergara Moore, Aina Dumlao, Susana Downes, Heather Mitchell and Susie. Carry. Supporting cast including Peter O’Brien, Matt Day and Toby Leonard Moore. We love this warm and fun series, which features Filipino protagonists on Australian television for the first time.

The unusual suspects is now streaming at SBS on request. You can also stream the series with Arabic, Filipino, Hindi, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese subtitles.

Miss S

A beautiful, witty socialite and a focused, serious detective inspector make an unlikely crime-fighting duo, and is it a mutual attraction we see? If this premise sounds familiar, it’s because Miss S is the Chinese adaptation of the popular Australian Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Set in 1930s Shanghai, the costumes are just as glamorous as those sported by Essie Davis in our local version, and the protagonists are perfectly chosen to deliver chemistry that sizzles on screen, as they investigate crimes. and the scandals of the time.

Miss S is now streaming at SBS on request.

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