Dr. Brown from VA shows city in new “Tebow” video

In the NCAA, Tim Tebow is one of the greatest colligated athletes of all time. Today, the recording artist of rising Virginia Dr. Brown honors the retired NFL player in preparation for his upcoming compilation project on the track titled “Tebow”.

Directed by Grindaholic Films, “Tebow” sees Dr. Brown honor her idol with a party filled with friends, family and exotic vehicles in the artist’s hometown of Petersburg. As he raps about the legendary soccer player’s landmark career, we browse the artist’s Delectable Heights section to get a glimpse of where he came from. Dr. Brown quickly excelled at the top of the mainstream landscape in 2021 with her fluid pun, staunch support, and captivating music.

Like Tebow’s college career, Brown’s latest creation was chosen, he describes. “The producer sent me some instrumentals to check out and when I got to that particular beat I knew it was this one. We were in the car with the track looping. I just kept rapping on it. He said. “My mate was like yeah bro that squeeze. I immediately hit RomeStreet Rell after that and told him I was going to the studio to smoke that beat.”

A history lesson on Tim Tebow. He gained popularity around the world as a University of Florida quarterback, winner of the Heisman Trophy in 2007. He was drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft that same year. In the NFL, Tebow played quarterback and tight end for a number of teams, including the Denver Broncos, New York Jets, New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars.

“Tebow” will appear on Dr. Brown’s next sequel project, BFG Dre 2. And with the sequel, Brown will join his band BFG for a massive compilation effort, titled BGF (Big Gangsta Family), which will be released in 2022. “Tebow” is available on all streaming platforms through DotCom Music Group, LLC. / Big Gangsta Family. For daily updates on the new music, follow Dr. Brown on Social media.

Watch “Tebow,” produced by MaThePostman below.

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