Dwayne Johnson Says Black Adam Will “Absolutely” Fight Superman


Black Adam is an extremely powerful character in the world of DC Comics. He’s super strong, he’s invulnerable, he’s fast, he can fly, and he can fire lightning bolts at will. But of course, DC doesn’t lack the extremely powerful character department. It’s the home of people like Superman and Wonder Woman and Green Lantern. And part of the fun of cinematic universes filled with these titanic characters is imagining what would happen if they ever got into a fight. Who would win: Superman or Black Adam? Batman or Superman? Aquaman or the Sahara Desert? (We’re betting our money on the desert. There’s no fish to talk to there, Aquaman! You’re in trouble!)

Even the people who make these movies are thinking about these big concepts. In fact, Black Adam himself, Dwayne Johnson says he listens to the fans and what they want – and what they want, he says, is to see Black Adam and Superman face off. Ask by cinema mix that we may one day see Man of Steel and The Rock go head-to-head, his response was an unambiguous “absolutely”.

Here is more of his response:

That’s what this man is all about. Thank you for asking this question. And I’ve been saying for some time that there’s a new era in the DC Universe that’s about to begin. And what I meant by that was introducing a whole new character. This is not a sequel, not an existing IP address. It was… you know, Black Adam! Two years ago, the world had no idea who it was… But also what I really meant by “It’s a new era in the DC Universe” is to listen to the fans. Listening to supporters. And do our best to give the fans what they want…you can’t always give them what you want. But you will always know that we are listening to you. And in that case, with what you and I are talking about, I’ve been listening and wanting to speak to fans for years.

As to when we may actually witness such a confrontation, who knows? First, black adam must open in theaters. If the movie blows up, don’t hold your breath about Warner Bros. sinking a few hundred million extra dollars on a superhero fight movie. But if black adam box office scores, it sure looks like some sort of Black Adam vs. Superman or Justice Society vs. Justice League movie could be in the works. At the very least, Johnson himself wants it to happen.

black adam hits theaters on October 21.

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