Editorial – Journal # 120 September 2021

As we leave our homes in September to go back to school, to go back to work, to go back on a trip, we could stop for a moment to look back at this house, this particular room of privacy which, of a somehow we couldn’t get out for a while. Maybe the outside world seems strange, threatening, or deceptive. Maybe it was because I was staying inside too long.

But in New York, two hurricanes have just passed in two weeks, as anonymous as a pandemic. Numerous emergency alerts have told us to stay home, where we could continue to watch the US government and its friends struggle for the sake of celebrating Afghanistan’s handing over to the Taliban – or rather, to put it mildly. “The Afghan people”.

And soon, on September 11, in New York City, we will be able to look to the triumphant Freedom Tower and remember the attack on the Twin Towers twenty years ago – a truly tragic event that killed nearly three thousand people in the city. attack itself, ruining many more lives, and whose hatred and greed for theatricality would permanently mar the legitimate anti-imperial militant struggle across the world.

But then, as if working in concert with the 9/11 attackers, the United States continued to permanently taint even its own neocolonial military interventions, through the lies of weapons of mass destruction, through the false guard. which justified the murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. , Afghans and US coalition troops, and by fomenting a sectarian war in Iraq, which now continues to spread to neighboring countries. With European states humiliated by their complicity, on this twentieth anniversary, it should come as no surprise that right-wing movements are thriving, with their own sectarian promises and racist fictions of closed borders and purity of domestic space.

Twenty years is a lifetime for many people, even more for the younger ones who have grown up on the Internet and on screens. What a life inside for the past two decades. As we leave our homes in September, let us remember the exceptional damage done over the past twenty years, recognize the spread of false sectarian thoughts in our own bodies, minds and communities, and truly try to get out for the first time.

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