El-Rufai and Uba Sani open up about renaming Kaduna State

Kaduna State Government and Senator Uba Sani have both denied news of an alleged bill converting Kaduna to Zazzau State, describing it as fake news and a pure “hell’s abyss lie. “.

News has gone viral recently on social media that a bill allegedly jointly sponsored by Senator Suleiman Kwari and Senator Uba Sani with the support of 13 out of 15 Kaduna State officials to rename Kaduna State in State of Zazzau was adopted by the National Assembly and sanctioned. by President Muhammadu Buhari.

But the Kaduna state government, in a terse statement signed by Governor Nasir el-Rufai’s special adviser for media and communications, Muyiwa Adekeye, called the news false.

“Kaduna State has not been renamed. Please ignore the elaborate piece of fiction that made this claim. This is fake news,” Muyiwa Adekeye said.

Senator Uba Sani, who represents Kaduna Central in the Senate, in a statement he personally signed, said: “My attention has been drawn to concocted, subversive, malicious and false information circulating on social media claiming that President Muhammadu Buhari signed a bill for the creation of the State of Zazzau, which I would have co-sponsored in the Senate with Senator Sulaiman Abdu Kwari.

“My immediate reaction to this outrageous and blatantly false information is to wonder how malevolent elements can let their imaginations run wild, all with the aim of undermining their political opponent. How can people go so far as to plan to destabilize their own state and worsen the situation of insecurity because Senator Uba Sani has won the full support of the people and is the man to beat in the gubernatorial elections of 2023 in Kaduna State.

“The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is on hiatus. No such bill is before the Senate. Requests for statehood are normally brought before the Constitutional Review Committee. The story is therefore the work of agents of destabilization and must be investigated by the security agencies. Those behind this subversive act must be brought to justice to deter others.

“I am fully focused on devising effective strategies to ensure our success in the 2023 gubernatorial elections. We have also shared our master plan for Kaduna State with key stakeholders to secure their inputs. We are ready for the start of the campaigns in September 2022. No amount of diabolical machinations can distract us from our set goals.Their plans would continue to fail because our people are enlightened and understand the schemes of the anti-development elements.

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