Evart author Austin Rueffer publishes second novel, available from Barnes & Noble


EVART – Local author Austin Rueffer has published his second novel, ‘Father Forgive Me’, on Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

“Right now is the big push for marketing,” Rueffer said.

Rueffer does all the promotion himself, usually by staying popular.

“I would often sit in my hometown farmer’s market or farmers’ markets in Michigan, sit and talk with people; maybe they’d buy a bookmark,” he said. .

People tend to take local authors and artists more seriously when they have something to show for their work, he added.

Starting out as a small-town author, Rueffer began writing in kindergarten, but didn’t start talking about it seriously until 8th grade, when his teacher, Mrs. Nelson, noticed the budding writer’s skills. and placed him in a writing group to develop.

“When you see a kid involved in something, don’t shut it down, it’s not just a hobby. You can turn that into something amazing,” Rueffer said.

He was the only middle school student in the writing group, and he credits her greatly for his development as a writer.

“I went to a writing group with some amazing writers. Listening to them and how they immersed themselves in poetic words in their prose was exciting for me and kind of ignited that desire to want to write more and write better” , said Rueffer.

According to Rueffer, he began working on his first novel in his freshman year of high school, titled “Rennaisance,” a book about “renaissance, cultural expectations, and your inner desires.”

“By the time it came out, I had already started working on the second one, which just came out this summer. It went a lot faster because I had an outline and a clear direction of where I wanted to go. let it go, it was all about me sitting down and writing it,” he said.

The second book, “Father Forgive Me”, is a story he describes as reminiscent of “the first time you fell in love”.

“It’s a voice for the LGBTQ+ community, it’s fiction, but it’s not fake. It’s a true story that thousands of children have sadly had to go through and live with societal expectations and nuns,” Rueffer said.

Rueffer strives to write stories like David Levithan, especially how he writes LGBTQ+ characters. Most of his stories have a somewhat serious tone, but the fun for him comes from being able to create stories for like-minded or similar people, drawing mostly on his personal experience in hopes that people can read it and tell their life story.

“I just wanted to write a story about people like me. Creating this kind of representation is in a way cathartic and kind of fun. I take it seriously every time I write, even if it’s a bit silly , some moments are very light, because it’s the human experience,” Rueffer said.

He also says don’t give up if you’re an aspiring artist or author, and just do what you love.

” Life is so short. If you think it will make you happy and you have some way of expressing yourself, even if you’re not good at it, I would tell you to do it. Doing what makes you happy and being able to express yourself is art.”

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