Every Beyoncé Album, Ranked According to Metacritic


American musician Beyoncé releases her seventh studio album Renaissance in July 2022. A former member of the acclaimed ’90s girl group Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé is a chameleon of talent. Over a nearly two-decade solo career, she has stayed true to her melodic roots while branching out into other musical avenues and playing a vital role in the album production process.

Similar to her contemporaries such as Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, Beyoncé reinvents her sound and style with each album release. Metacritic, a site compiled of reviews and critics, has rated Beyoncé’s current album discography.


9/9 I Am…Sasha Fierce – 62

Named after his on-stage alter ego, I am… fierce Sasha would be Beyoncé’s first double album. I am… marked the first collaboration between Beyoncé and acclaimed songwriter (and OneRepublic frontman) Ryan Tedder with the angelic power ballard “Halo.”

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Sasha Fierce featured “Sweet Dreams,” a hypnotic trance wrapped in electropop and snare drum, but the disco bop jam “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It”) would be the album’s signature song. I am… Sasha Fierce receives a lower Metacritic ranking because the sound appeared too repetitive for many critics, regardless of its glare.

8/9 Dangerously in Love – 63

The first album is an important factor that contributes to the future success of an artist. Dangerously in love is a grand slam for Beyoncé, showcasing her musical potential with songs that vary in emotion and fuse genres. Queen Bey’s cover in the diamond crop top absolutely pops, and what the album contained was a rhythmic delight.

“Crazy in Love” is an ode to romance mixed with funk and pop, from dynamic hooking to slick Jay Z raps. Dangerously in love showed Beyoncé’s potential as an independent artist, hitting the ground running to soar into the musical stratosphere.

7/9 Birthday – 70

Three years later Dangerously in loveBeyoncé would go out B-Day in 2006. The second album continued with Beyoncé’s urban/R&B sound, a venture into contemporary hip-hop notes.

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“Déjà-vu” is an uplifting dance track rich in powerful instrumentals mixed with funk and soul, while “Ring The Alarm” is an impassioned R&B track offering a different sound from Beyoncé’s previous work. The mid-tempo pop ballad “Irreplaceable” has become a new generation’s breakup song. B’dayThe mashup of expressive ballads and danceable hits made for a standout compilation, with fans and critics impressed with Dangerously in lovethe follow-up album.

6/9 4 – 73

Beyoncé’s fourth studio album (the aptly titled 4) would see immense growth in the artist, focusing on themes of enlightenment and self-observation. The foundation of 4 would pave the way for more messages of resilience and emotional depth in his future albums.

“Run The World (Girls)” is one of Beyoncé’s best music videos, the dystopian setting being just as chaotically beautiful as the song itself. The 2011 single is an electropop and R&B anthem of female empowerment. Such strong themes make 4 a standout album in Beyoncé’s discography, continuing to prove the depths to her musical reach.

5/9 The Lion King: The Gift – 77

Like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé has shattered her acting cast by expanding into roles with a more emotional death. Here is Nala in The Lion King wouldn’t be his only contribution to the 2019 remake of the 1994 classic. The Lion King: The Gift would be Beyoncé’s hybrid soundtrack for the Disney film and her 2020 music/visual album black is king.

black is king would release Grammy Award-winning “Brown Skin Girl,” while The Lion King debuted with the gospel ballad “Spirit”. The futuristic/Afro-pop album is memorable for its mix of philosophical words and cultural inclusions.

4/9 BEYONCE – 85

Beyoncé’s foray into the visual album avenue has proven to be a game-changer for her, as seen with 2013’s self-titled album. Combining electronic and soul genres, Beyoncé has further advanced her song cycles about femininity, with the lyrical emphasis on sex and love.

Co-written by Justin Timberlake, the incredibly seductive “Score” has become one of Beyoncé’s most performed songs. The 2014 single is searing in its lyrics and sizzling in its music video, accompanied by a punchy baseline and heavy drums. BEYONCE is an inspiration to the female population of the artist in terms of self-confidence and body positivity.

3/9 Revival – 91

2022 would see the release of the visual album Renaissance, Lemonade’successor album to s. Renaissance explores multiple motifs in his musical genres and lyrics, from Detroit techno to words of hedonism.

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Having written and produced the album during the COVID-19 pandemic, Beyoncé has driven the narrative of expression and escape, to find light in the darkness of isolation. “Break My Soul”, the album’s dance-pop/house single, features a vocal mix of Diana Ross and Grace Jones. Renaissance further establishes Beyoncé’s powerful understanding of mixing intoxicating pearls and profound words, which was a much-loved treat for the masses.

2/9 Lemonade – 92

Besides being Beyoncé’s most acclaimed album, Lemonade is one of the best visual album films. Beyoncé wearing a fur coat and intricate braids on the cover is a portrait of ferocity. The concept album is said to be a cathartic case of art mimicking life with several songs alluding to the fallout from her husband Jay Z’s infidelity.

Lemonade also spoke volumes about several themes, including breaking down racial barriers and the message of feminism. The album continues to cement Beyoncé’s talents to make her music both cathartic and universally effective in its delivery.

1/9 Homecoming: The Live Album – 95

Since the beginning of her solo career, Beyoncé has proven to be an innovative artist. This impression was further reinforced with the release of Homecoming: The Live Albumwhich was followed by a Netflix concert movie of the same title.

Back home chronicles Beyoncé’s headlining performance at the 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The album and film capture the majestic wonder of her memorable performance, a compilation of greatest hits and early singles that earned an almost Metacritic score. perfect. Homecoming: The Live Album confirms that Beyoncé is a supernova that will only continue to rise.

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