Every BTS Album, From 2014 To 2020, Ranked

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BTS has released a lot of music since its inception in 2013. Since then, many of their songs have become highly acclaimed and recognized by fans around the world. And while some knew the band from the songs that played constantly on the radio, some knew the band from the very beginning when they were formed.

The well-known K-pop group has released nine studio albums, a few reissues, and several compilation albums and EPs, each of which showcases BTS’ experimentation and how they’ve grown as a group over the years. But among their multiple versions, which of them is the best?

Here are all BTS albums, from 2014 to 2020, ranked.

seven. BE

BE is BTS’ fifth Korean studio album, released during the COVID-19 pandemic. So of course the songs are based on and were inspired by the lockdowns and what it was like to be stuck at home. The majority of the songs are softer and less danceable. It was also the first album where their debut English song “Dynamite” was included, which has been streamed over 1 billion times on Spotify.

It was a perfect album that matched the general mood the world was in during these unprecedented times.

6. dark and wild

dark and wild was a coming-of-age album, moving away from the school themes of the previous EP (Skool Luv case) had. Prior to the album’s release, a trailer was released on YouTube, which featured the song “What Am I To You”. The video begins with romantic and beautiful landscapes, then draws the viewer into a dark and depressing world. The album had more of a “bad boy” vibe and was clearly seen in their music video for their single “Danger”.

5. Wake up

Releasing an album featuring Japanese versions of popular songs is nothing new. Many K-pop groups tend to re-release re-recorded songs in another language just to reach a wider audience. And BTS is no different. And after 3 EPs and an album, BTS releases Wake up, a studio album featuring songs from their previous releases, but sung in Japanese. The album contained two new songs – “The Stars” and “Wake Up”. From the Japanese music site Oricon“Wake Up” topped the Japanese music charts for the first time by selling over 28,000 copies in its first week.

4. SOUL MAP: 7

SOUL MAP: 7 was described by fans as an album where BTS felt “united” as a group more than ever. The singles featured were based on how the band was perceived. Yet, he also talked about the growth of the group and the journey they have traveled as a group for seven years. The album was so successful in America that one of the songs, “Friends”, was featured in the Marvel movie, Eternals.

Five months later, a Japanese version studio album was released titled Map of The Soul: 7 – The Journey.

3. love yourself

love yourself was an album released in three parts – An EP (His), a studio album (Tear), then a compilation album (Answer). What’s also significant about this release is that it was the first album released after the group changed their brand identity from “Bangtan Sonyeondan” (Bulletproof Boy Scouts) to “Beyond the Scene”. .

love yourself kind of has a story structure in each of their songs. It’s the story of a boy who falls in love, only to realize that they are not compatible. It is only until the end that he learns to love himself and can move on. The album also made waves when it was announced that Nicki Minaj would be featured in the song “Idol.”

In 2017, BTS released Competea studio album containing songs by Do you like: Herbut in Japanese.

2. The most beautiful moment of life

Back then, before BTS was aired on contemporary radio, many BTS fans would point the music video for the song “Dope” to new fans. For most fans, this song was their first exposure to this K-pop group. The most beautiful moment of life was also a bit of a three-part album release. Part 1 contained nine new songs, including “Dope”, but it also featured their other single “I Need U”, which was about their uncertain future. Part 2 was released seven months later in November 2015, which added nine new songs such as “Butterfly”. Part 3 was labeled “Forever Young”, combined the two EPs as a compilation album, and added three new songs.

This type of album release will continue in future BTS entries in the future. In September 2016, BTS released Youthan album with Japanese versions of some of the popular songs from The most beautiful moment of life.

1. wings

“Wings” is one of BTS’ most successful albums according to the Korean site Naver, it sold over 1.49 million copies as of 2017. The album featured the hit single “Blood, Sweat, and Tears” which has been streamed over 435 million times on Spotify and has been viewed over 892 million times on YouTube. In 2017, a “repackaged” album titled You never walk alone was released and included three new songs.

This album was so successful that it led the Kpop group to appear in rolling stone. Looking back, this album marked the beginning of BTS’ musical dominance in the Western music scene.

Recently, BTS announced that the group will be taking a break and focusing on their solo work. But just because the band stopped making music doesn’t mean they shouldn’t revisit their past work. Each of their releases showed how BTS has grown together both artistically and as a group. So looking back on their past songs is a good reminder of what this group went through and how their music slowly impacted the western music scene and how the world viewed K-pop as a genre.

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