Fan Crafts Compilation of ‘Star Wars’ Characters Singing Smash Mouth

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star wars fanatics have created a ton of fun and unique content using clips from the movie franchise, but that’s not what we have here today. The last star wars edit to sweep the web is something much more sinister, but equally impressive.

A star wars fan tempted the gods by recreating Smash Mouth classic All Star using clips from the film series. The result is something magical that makes the most of George Lucas’ writing.

Fans will recognize moments from across the timeline in this creation that must have taken many hours to put together. It’s unclear who exactly was the force user who created this masterpiece or how long it took, but the internet has embraced it with open arms.

The clip went viral on Twitter, garnering over 250,000 interactions. Fans also shared the clip on the star wars Reddit where it continues to be hailed as one of the best All-Star fixtures to date.

All-Star became a meme sensation after being the main theme of the Shrek franchise and has since been adopted as a tool for all sorts of meme creations in other series, including, of course, star wars.

At a time when star wars fans are facing a content drought, the community has succeeded with this creation to help you out. Fortunately, there are many star wars news coming later this year, and some fans are sure we’ve already gotten a glimpse of an upcoming release.

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