Ferrari engine handling is the biggest difference with Mercedes


In the summary: Valtteri Bottas says the Ferrari power unit he switched to this year has a significant difference to the Mercedes he drove before

In short

Bottas pleased with ‘slick’ Ferrari power unit

After his time at Alfa Romeo, Bottas is driving a Formula 1 car powered by something other than a Mercedes engine for the first time since 2013. He says the Ferrari V6 hybrid turbo engine is very similar to the Mercedes.

“If I compare the power to last year’s engine, it looks very similar in terms of power level,” he said. “Last year there were reliability issues. I think I had eight engines last year. Now I’m up to six this year. So it could be close!

However, there is a noticeable difference, added Bottas. “The handling with Ferrari is really smooth. I think that was the biggest difference, the handling I felt was improved with Ferrari.

Piastri “cut off the hand that fed him”

Alpine fumes after Piastri move to McLaren

Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi says the team has reached an agreement for reserve driver Oscar Piastri to join Williams next year from the Miami Grand Prix in May. He strongly criticized the 21-year-old Formula 2 champion for his time at McLaren.

“He cut off the hand that was feeding him and played with us because some draft contracts weren’t submitted on time,” Rossi told Auto Motor und Sport.

The team hoped to appoint Piastri in place of Fernando Alonso, after reaching an agreement with Alonso. Rossi added that the team were only ready to offer Alonso a one-year deal due to his age. “He drives at an extremely high level,” Rossi said. “For me, he is one of the best drivers of all time.

“But he is 41 years old. In two years, he will be 43 years old. You can’t plan that far.

Leclerc “missing something” – Todt

Former Ferrari team principal Jean Todt said the team’s top championship driver, Charles Leclerc, was “missing something” in his quest for the title. “I hope he gets it soon,” added Todt in an interview for La Gazzetta dello Sport.

When asked if it was the car, Todt reiterated, “Something is missing.”

Motorsport UK bans race director for 10 years

Motorsport UK has confirmed it has suspended the licenses of a race director, Derek Stanley, and ordered no further licenses issued to him for a period of 10 years, following complaints about his behavior towards women officials. The decision was taken following a National Court meeting last month.

The court found that Stanley sent several messages, including an “upskirting” video, to a marshal who later raised concerns about his behavior. The court noted “it became apparent that this situation had happened before” with other female civil servants and that he had “given assurances that it would not happen again” as recently as August 2020 .

The court said “there is no suggestion that Stanley’s conduct involved anything other than verbal comments and messages”, but added “Motorsport UK has a duty to protect and protect all persons attending an event. The behavior of Stanley is considered unacceptable for a Motorsport UK official.

“A Race Director is really the face and representative of Motorsport UK at any event they officiate at,” he added. “For a male referee to behave in a way that makes the female referees he works with at an event uncomfortable in his presence is completely unacceptable. Continuing such unwanted attention by sending messages with questionable content is equally reprehensible.

The full court ruling can be read in the current edition of Motorsport UK’s Revolution magazine.

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