Fiction and reality: two sides of the same coin? Luciano Landoni returns to the case of the fake teacher

The journalist Luciano Landoni analyzes the case of the false professor, for 21 years.

Legnanese – Varesotto – For four decades plus a year – 21 in total! – a self-proclaimed teacher exercised her profession as a trainer of young and greedy minds in the colleges of Varèse without being a real teacher.

In short, an extended fiction and, given its temporal extension, quite effective which allowed the false teacher to teach without having the right to do so, since she had never obtained the necessary diploma according to the law. of the Italian state.

The woman – who had obtained registration in the provincial ranking of replacements in schools located in the province of Varese, carrying out annual replacements continuously from 2000 – was also denounced for fraud and forgery in public act.

In fact, to get the positions, she had always used the fake certificate, stating that she had graduated with a grade of 110 and honors, when in reality she had never even applied to university. .

In short, a skilled trickster, as well as the protagonist of a refined fiction that, although resembling the script of a film, belongs to the dimension of reality.

A reality on the edge of reality?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Who can really say?

Some of the less young of my 24 faithful readers may remember the magnificent introduction of the historical series of the mythical series On the edge of reality – transmitted by RAI beginning in 1962 and appearing in the United States in 1959 – which consisted more or less of these words: “There is a fifth dimension beyond those that man already knows. It is unlimited like infinity. It is timeless like eternity. It is the intermediate region between light and darkness, between science and superstition, between the dark abyss of the unknown and the luminous peaks of knowledge. It is the region of the imaginary, a region which is located on the edge of reality”.

Reality and fiction, that is to say the two sides of the same coin?

creative writingThe false but true story of the false teacher who, however, for more than twenty years was perceived as absolutely authentic, inevitably recalls a collection of short stories by the great Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges entitled fiction (Giulio Einaudi editor, 1974) and more precisely the history The circular ruins (pp. 47-53) in which the protagonist discovers that “Not to be a man, to be the projection of another man: what incomparable humiliation, what vertigo!“.

In other words, each of us is (?) or would be (?) the result of someone else’s dream which, in turn, is (?) or would be (?) the fruit of dream projection yet another and so on indefinitely.

From literature to cinematography is the short step, or gigantic?, just three examples among many others that could be made: the film entitled The great impostor directed by Robert Mulligan (based on the novel of the same name by Robert Crichtonpublished in 1959), beautifully performed by Tony Curtisin which the protagonist Ferdinand Demara assumes various false identities (warden of a maximum security prison, army officer, Canadian Navy doctor, private detective) and in each of his professional novels reveals extraordinary skills and abilities of a high standard; at the end of the story, when he is discovered and forced to disappear, a detective who is obviously none other than Demara himself is in charge of finding him: the fiction, which seems completely real, continues.

In 2002 Steven Spielberg he directed try to catch methe film goes back a little on the case taken from a true story, with Leonardo DiCaprio in the part of Frank Abagnale: skillful hustler (he even became a consultant forFBI americana), also able to hire many professional identities (airline pilot, doctor, lawyer), each of them interpreter with indisputable skill.

In the film saga Matrix (whose last episode has just been released in theaters) the supreme director it is software and humanity is nothing more than a by-product, mirroring the reality around us.

Reality and fiction: that is to say the two sides of the same coin?

Each of us is perhaps the fruit of dream of someone else, which is itself the end result of dream someone else, and so on?

Reality, fiction, illusion, dream, nightmare?

there must be something real (?) in this interpretation apparently fantastic (?), we are convinced of it.


The real answer (?) is immediate: how the only hypothesis of ending up in some time with Silvio Berlusconi at the Quirinal and Luigi Di Maio at Palazzo Chigi?

What perverse fiction, what diabolical nightmare, what cursed software can engineer such a terrifying prospect for the unfortunate homo italicus?

The answer to the question that has just been formulated can/could seem so frightening that it is unspeakable and above all inadmissible!

It is appropriate that there we wake up quickly, indeed… sooner!

Luciano Landoni

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Luciano Landoni

He likes to read but also to write (on the economy) and is in perfect agreement with Leo Longanesi according to whom the journalist is the one who “explains to others what he does not know”; he adores his family, he goes crazy for Inter, he unconditionally appreciates James Bond – 007 films (especially those played by Sean Connery), he collects the adventures of the intrepid Tex Willer since his childhood and as a a true Inter fan, he is convinced that “the only ‘true limit is… infinity'”.

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