Film Industry News WA February 2022

The Revelation Perth International Film Festival never stops!

We’re very happy with our new RevStream streaming portal which is made up of as many of the films we’ve already screened as possible – plus a ton more. In our latest update, we have five new tracks featuring one of our favorite Australian indie artists and musicians, Kai Smythe, with his odyssey of self-discovery – ‘Lost On The Road To Shangri’. With self-discovery as the theme that runs through this month’s other titles, we have the punk rock adventure feature “The Icarus Line Must Die,” Alex Munt’s big indie piece “LBF: Life Between F**ks”, the famous US independent feature film “Pet Names” and the new Australian thriller “Bloodshot Heart”. RevStream is a one-of-a-kind streaming and distribution service located right here in WA and features around 200 feature film titles and 200 short films for your viewing pleasure. Discover the complete catalog on our website.

Made in WA
. . And while we’re at it on the streaming front, if you’re a local filmmaker with a movie you’d like to include in our RevStream Made In WA section, just send us a message with a synopsis, poster (if you have any) a) and a link, we’ll add it and hopefully get a few eyes on you!

International call for applications
We find that this year’s call for applications is the gift that keeps on giving and we love it. This year’s crop is shaping up to be the best year ever, with films coming from all corners of the globe in all forms, lengths and subjects. Registration closes April 1st (no kidding), and while there’s still plenty of time, we’re scheduling movies as we go, so our advice to you is that now is the time! You can send us your film through Film Freeway and if you are an alumni we can waive the entry fee because we already love you.

We have products! Whether it’s a mask you need, a t-shirt, or even a Revelation bath mat, we’ve got you covered. Head over to Redbubble to stock up on merchandise that helps us spread the word, share the love, and support independent film.

Rental Raz
Attention all filmmakers, our partners Raz Rentals have upgraded their premises and moved to Mt Lawley. They can help with everything from cameras, lenses, lighting and gripping equipment and actively support independent and emerging filmmakers, encouraging unique approaches and helping with their growth and development.

Film Events in Perth

Transition Town Vincent invites you to join them on Monday February 14 for ‘I Am Greta’. The story of teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg is told through compelling, never-before-seen footage in this intimate documentary from Swedish director Nathan Grossman. The future belongs to those who fight for it. Humanitix tickets.

The Black Maria Film Collective brings you David Cronenberg’s techno-surreal psychosexual horror film “Videodrome” on Friday, February 18. A film that defies explanation, you have to see it to believe it. With absolutely grotesque practical effects work, balls on the walls, and a genuinely surreal narrative that refuses to explain or apologize, they’ll also host an exclusive Zoom Q&A with the film’s cinematographer. and frequent Cronenberg collaborator, Mark Irwin! Eventbrite tickets.

2022 marks the 14th anniversary of Heath Ledger’s passing and in his honor The Backlot Perth, in partnership with Beyond Skate, is hosting Perth’s first Skate Film Festival on Sunday 27th February from 12pm-5pm. Watch a compilation of skate movies from local WA filmmakers and “Lords Of Dogtown”. Proceeds of the Heath Ledger Scholarship. Eventbrite tickets.

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