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AUSTIN, Texas, December 8, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – “There are directors and then there are moment makers, and that’s where Bryan rules,” says filmmaker at Bryan Hadley dear longtime friend and actor Rahul chakraborty.

When Hadley entered the Austin cinematic landscape in 2016, he had no intention of being an actor-filmmaker who would delve so deeply into all facets of the cinematic process. “Actually, I was working on typical channels of a movie actor, but what I noticed was that, for the most part, the system is primarily designed for politics. That is not my concern. am concerned about the trade and the job of acting and telling stories that matter to an audience and, yes, I love to strike a moment in a movie that people will remember, ”Hadley said from her home in Austin, Texas.

In just five years, the still-busy filmmaker produced three feature films (All Way Bent – a modern-day western shot in just 6 days; the comedy-drama He Be She Be which was the first Austin movie story based on the UK but filmed in Austin; and his recent Dans La Ville in which he filmed Austin photography in paintings as backdrops of the film). He also produced, during this period, more than 20 short film capsules titled Fried Talk and recently wrote another full-length screenplay which will be shot as a SAG film in Los Angeles. “I’m not a big pig. I just like playing the wide, long maze that is the process of making a movie,” he says.

To add to her growing list of accomplishments, Hadley has now built her own movie rental streaming service and platform with Fried Talk Flicks at People can now rent the In The City and He Be She Be movies through PayPal on the site and more movies are on the way. Movies are available for a 48 or 72 hour streaming period.

I asked Hadley why he started his own film platform, and his answer revolves around his own history in filmmaking so far with a deep sense of the very nature of the film industry. He calmly replied that his greenest pasture is where it is already.

“One of the tragedies of actors sometimes is that some are constantly looking for greener pastures or the bigger studio or platform to showcase their work. to just prepare the best they can to become their character, then a compilation of those characters turns into a really good movie. If you get a great story, take the job and make your part something. When it was coming out, no one thought Star Wars was going to be a big deal, but the director’s vision and each actor’s performance made it a big deal, “Hadley said.

The vision in and of a movie is always on her mind. There were a few cast from Hadley’s second film, He Be She Be, which was called Hadley’s “Texas Charlie Chaplin”, due to his total immersion in the entire directing process. Charlie Chaplin wrote, directed, produced, edited, performed and selected music for his own films. Hadley does all the same and is now 5 years old. Chaplin was known to want to stay away from politics and have full control over his stories. For Hadley, he holds the same premise.

“Actually, I’m not a political person at all. Potentially it hurts a bit and maybe not, but what I always constantly focus on is the direction of the story and its vision. . This process is still working. “

Austin actor Adrienne Riddle, who played the role of a carefree Austin The eccentric putt-putt golfer from Hadley’s Into The Town says the film he most recently directed on Fried Talk Flicks reflects the vision he tries to put forth for each film. He wants people to think. “In The City is a thought-provoking film. It touches all emotions. You are going to laugh, you are going to cry and most of all, you are going to think. Bryan is an amazing filmmaker and working with him was easy because not only did he give me direction, but he also praised me. He really explained his vision and guides you, “Riddle said.

Early in Chaplin’s career in 1919, the legendary filmmaker found a way to show and distribute his own films by founding United Artists. Through adversity, joy, hard work and vision, Bryan hadley has realized a highly comparable and complex truth: it has made its way into one of the most difficult industries in the world. Additionally, he founded his own movie rental and streaming service, Fried Talk Flicks at

Hadley concluded the interview by saying, “I don’t know of any reference to a legendary filmmaker. I mean those are really kind words from some teammates. I just know we’ve had wonderful teams of people and actors and we tell amazing stories with every movie. My friend Darrell russell added amazing music to movies, Bryan rogers and Christophe winbush put so much organic chemistry in the movies and Kate wright and Alan zaizar splashed their touches of humor and drama in the movies that make those moments special that Rahul talks about, and then Rahul is the best facial actor I know. His face and his eyes are always in the moment and where they belong in a scene. “

What about Fried Talk movies? Is this the short term solution or the long term? Hadley still holds her vision and always seems certain, the story and everything. “Fried Talk Flicks will go to great places and that’s the future of cinema. We’re putting our future in our own hands and not someone else we don’t know. Again, that’s the vision. and that’s the crux of what we do. “



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