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Pune: Bund Garden police are investigating an offer by some men to transfer Rs25 lakh from the BJ Medical College account at a nationalized bank to another account by presenting a fake check between October 6 and 11.
In fact, the fraudsters had managed to get Rs25 lakh transferred, but the amount was instantly recovered by the college through the bank. College officials said the fraudsters attempted to play the same trick with three more checks.
This follows the opening of an investigation by Sinhagad Road Police into a complaint filed by a large private bank accusing a company and its two representatives of presenting a forged check from a nationalized bank branch in Lucknow for the transfer of Rs 92.99 to his account. here.
BJ Medical College administrative officer Suresh Bonwale told TOI: “When updating the bank book, we learned that unidentified men had deposited a check for Rs 25 lakh and wired the money. on another account. We filed a complaint with the bank and instantly transferred the money to our account in three installments.
Bonwale said, “They also deposited three more checks and attempted to transfer Rs25 lakh each from our account to another account. But the bank prevented the checks from clearing because of our previous complaint. After we filed a complaint about the incident, the police registered an FIR relating to fraud and counterfeiting.
Deputy Inspector Tukaram Phad, who is investigating the case, said: “The fraudsters tried to deceive the Faculty of Medicine, which is a government-run organization. We will stop them as soon as possible.


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