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Free Kindergarten to Grade 12 resources to support distance and blended learning in 2022

As you search for software and services to increase online and blended education this year, start here.

As the pandemic continues to bring changes to Kindergarten to Grade 12 throughout the school year, teachers, counselors, support staff and IT professionals are more selective about technology they choose to educate and engage students. As hundreds of educational companies, nonprofits, and other organizations made their software and services free on the immediate switch to distance learning, many have become more aware of how they help. educators to master online and blended teaching. We’ve reviewed our previous collection and sprinkled with additions throughout, to bring you this updated set of free resources to help you online, hybrid, and face-to-face in 2022.

If your organization has a resource that should be added to this list, send a quick message to [email protected] with “free resource” in the subject header and include a link to the website for your offering.

3M has developed a list of science experiments that can be performed with “common household items” for students aged 6 to 12.

Abby the puppy provides free educational materials for teachers and parents to help educate three and four year olds. All preschool printables and worksheets have been placed under the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0). The site also offers videos featuring popular children’s songs.

The Academy of Active Learning Arts and Sciences and the Global Reverse Learning Initiative produced the “Rapid Transition to Online Learning” (RTOL), a roadmap for quickly transitioning to online learning during school closings. Resources include a checklist for admins, a checklist for IT managers, a transition plan and video tutorial for teachers, and access to an international team of volunteers who have stepped forward to answer questions.

Reach3000 offers “Printable Literacy Packs,” a text set containing 20 printable articles and questions for Grades 1-12 resources for differentiated literacy instruction.

Reach3000 also commissioned the publication of “The Power of Culturally Responsive Literacy Instruction,” which offers best practices on three topics: How to Build Better Relationships with Your Students; why cultivating literacy skills is not enough; and how to break down barriers to fairness.

Yarrow, founded by students, offers peer tutoring specifically to K-12 students in foster care or those who have been discharged or are receiving preventive services. Coaching is provided by high school students, which allows for peer-to-peer experiences. A student admission form is required.

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