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Gal Gadot has been among the most popular actresses in the film industry in recent years. Her performance as Wonder Woman on various DC Films tapes has brought her worldwide recognition, including Wonder Woman – 92%, Wonder Woman 1984 – 76%, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice – 27% and Justice League by Zack Snyder – 82%. Gadot He is already positioning himself as the favorite of many fans of the character and the comics in general. Thanks to her success, her superhero appearances are not expected to be over, and it is rumored that the actress will wear the golden tiara again in the upcoming DC film The Flash.

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Apparently in a video that Gadot shared recently via her Instagram account, the 36-year-old actress reportedly missed a few images that reveal her participation as Diana Prince in another tape owned by DC Films. Like so many people in the world, Girl He celebrated New Years Eve 2021 by reflecting on his experiences throughout the year, and put it all together through photos and videos on his phone. The Instagram reel that Gadot Made from her collection of memorabilia, it contained many funny, exciting and moving moments, such as the birth of her third daughter. However, it’s possible that the little video also revealed a big spoiler for Wonder Woman’s secret cameo. We leave you the post of the interpreter below:

In the video, you can see a compilation of the highlights of each month of the year. The revelation takes place in the months of July and August, because in this part, Gadot share photos of herself in a make-up chair preparing to shoot something. In the first photo of July, we see Girl in civilian clothes, being made up by his team of stylists and one of them wears a badge on the neck, the cord of which is printed with a very distinctive logo of the film for which he works. DC fans on social media were quick to do their research, and after some comparison with other photos, they found that indeed, Gal gadot she was putting on make-up to film a scene on the film set Flash.

I know I have seen this cord before. #TheFlash #WonderWoman #TheFlashMovie

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Also, just to confirm what was already known, in one of the images shown in August you can see the actress with the same makeup gear, but this time you can see that she is wearing the tiara and the characteristic pair of glasses Wonder Woman Gauntlets. On said photo, Gadot she is covered in a cape, intending to hide the costume, but it was clearly a failed attempt, as these elements of the costume stand out.

As if that wasn’t little evidence, the timeline shown in the reel of Gadot perfectly matches the production dates of Flash. Warner Bros. and the director of the film, Andy Muschietti, started filming in April, and at the end of June the stars of Flash, Ezra Miller and Michael Keaton were spotted in London recording at WB sound studios. The most convenient time for you Gadot filming her scenes as WW would do during the summer, and it may just be pure coincidence, but it is in those same hot season months that the actress is seen on the set of the film being made up .

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