How I Am Legend Helped Make Dawn Of The Dead


Before I’m a legend was the box office phenomenon that modern society is familiar with, it was a sci-fi short story renowned for its nightmarish ideas, inspiring films like dawn of the dead. The book has become essential reading for any horror lover, including George A. Romero, the creator of dawn of the dead. Published in 1954 and written by Richard Matheson, the original story is about the last living man in a world overrun by vampires. The novella follows Robert Neville in the aftermath of a post-apocalyptic world that has turned the human population into monsters, chronicling his survival and personal war against the bloodsucking undead. stories like I’m a legend circulating are the reason why movies like dawn of the dead to exist.


George A. Romero, the creator of dawn of the dead (1978), the half-sequel to his cult classic night of the living dead (1968), credits the short story as his inspiration for creating a film with the same premise; a global pandemic that turns humans into undead that destroy civilization. Romero chose to shape his monsters as flesh-eating ghouls in night of the living deadrather than traditional vampires in I’m a legend the book. George Romero invented the modern zombie horror genre as popular culture quickly referred to his undead as “zombies” and the “Godfather of Zombiedom” was born. The movie horrified audiences that anyone and their neighbor could become an indestructible bloodthirsty zombie. A full decade after his first black-and-white feature, George A. Romero unleashed the terror of dawn of the deadcentered on a group of survivors trapped in a Pennsylvania mall surrounded by a horde of infectious flesh-eating zombies.

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How dawn of the dead helped to make I’m a legend Film

dawn of the dead, night of the living dead, and the “of the Dead” series that followed, inspired an entire generation of zombie filmmakers. Romero was a pioneer in a new genre of horror that was more gory than anything that had come before it and people were craving more zombie movies. Romero, after dawn of the dead‘s three different cuts and a successful run in theaters, would create six movies in the night of the living dead series. Each new iteration finds ways to expand the genre and cement itself as a leading figure in this new horror subgenre. With his reputation as an innovator in horror, George A. Romero often spoke of his inspiration in interviews and documentaries. It was only a matter of time before those he inspired, and other filmmakers, turned to his muse as well; by Richard Matheson I’m a legend.

With zombie movies in high demand, Warner Brothers sought to create a blockbuster using the classic short story that inspired the man who pioneered the zombie genre. I’m a legend had already been adapted for the big screen twice before, both times under a different title; once in 1964 as The last man on earth (just before night of the living dead) and again in 1971 as The Omega Man. The zombie genre regained its popularity in cinema in the early 2000s with 28 days later and a Zack Snyder dawn of the dead remake that introduced speedy zombies, adding a new layer of terror to the genre. Along with the setting, Richard Matheson’s short story received its third film adaptation due to the popularity of a genre it inspired, and I’m a legend featuring Will Smith battling a world of frighteningly fast, flesh-eating zombies is out.

How dawn of the dead The backstory makes the movie better

Knowing that George A. Romero was inspired by another horror industry writer to create his dawn of the dead classic makes the movie even better. by Romero dawn of the dead and Snyder’s remake both benefited from this ideal of innovation. Without George having thought of attempting his own nightmare-infested world after reading I’m a legend, the “Godfather of Zombiedom” himself might never have inspired an entire horror subgenre. Richard Matheson wrote his nightmares and George A. Romero created his own flesh-eating ghouls from the shadows of these horrors, creating a zombie craze that would infect popular culture everywhere. dawn of the dead went on to inspire many zombie-centric stories across all entertainment mediums, not just horror movies, all from Romero following an inspiration to change someone’s idea and experiment with his own.

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